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Ozone Mama enter the spotlight with their bad ass new video for Siren’s Call

January 6, 2017

One of our favorite bands, Ozone Mama are back in the spotlight with the release of their new music video. They  have just released a video for their song, Siren’s Call. The song is off their album, Sonic Glory and is a brilliant work of art. We have told you before about their kick ass album, “This album truly celebrates the authentic sound of rock and roll which has been missing for some time now in the scene. The seven song album is filled with the infectious rockin tracks reminiscent of the 60’s or 70’s yet swaddled in a modern vibe. The first thing that stood out is the amazingly authentic vintage sound that the album has and I love!” Check out the new video here: Make sure to pick up their album: Stream: Deezer: Spotify: Buy: iTunes: Amazon: We will see if we can bring you an interview with these guys and hopefully they will be touring the US in 2017! We all need Ozone Mama! Band Members: Marton Szekely [Read More]

Band of the Day

First Spotlight of 2017 goes to Jonny Couch

January 3, 2017

    The first Spotlight of 2017 goes to Jonny Couch. Jonny released one of our favorite vinyls of 2016. He released his debut EP, Animal Instinct in November 2016. The five song EP was pressed on vinyl with digital card on Jonny’s own Damaged Sofa Records. Longtime drummer on the NY music scene, Jonny Couch has come from behind the kit in his new self-named band to get behind the microphone. On his forthcoming 5 song EP, Animal Instinct, he plays drums, organ and synths on all tracks. While Jonny has a band behind him in a live setting, he plays drums and keyboards on the record. Jonny combines styles from years in NYC playing punk rock in the mid-aughts with The Choke (who toured with Buzzcocks and other punk rock luminaries) and earlier this decade with his dance-pop act LoveCryme (whose vocalist went on to do choreography for Kiesza). The resulting sound? A leather capped New Romantic disguised as Brando-Elvis belting out anthemic heartbreak missives of pain. The EP was recorded in Savannah, [Read More]


Our Spotlight Band The Wild Things will grab your attention with their new video

December 14, 2016

  Today our Spotlight Band is the alternative rock band The Wild Things. They hail from West London and features of sister-brother team Sydney and Cameron White, Rob Kendrick and Pete Wheeler. While they bring out the nostalgic vibe of 90-esque alternative rock, they have a style that is all their own. You can’t help but feel drawn into their colorful music that invites you to feel the music. Genre:  Alternative Rock/Punk Rock/Modern Rock Location: West London Feature: Infectious addictive sound that grabs your attention, hints of nostalgia yet with modern execution Interesting Fact: Outside of the band, Rob and Sydney are also accomplished actors. Sydney is best known for her acting work in BBC 4’s ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ BBC’s Uncle & Young Dracula, whereas Rob is known for Sky 1’s After Hours and BBC’s The Syndicate. Video to check out: new single, I Think You Can Do Better  Make sure to visit their social media sites and we will work on bringing you an interview with this fun fast rising band. Information & Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter:


Our Spotlight Band is alternative pop rockers, Halflives

December 12, 2016

  Today our Spotlight Band is Halflives. They are a five piece alternative pop/rock band that will surely capture your attention. They have spent the last year writing catchy passionate tracks that will soon be released as the band’s debut album. They have successfully released their debut single, Mayday and two covers, they are back at it with their new single.   Genre:  Alternative Rock/Pop Rock Location: Modena, Italy Feature: Catchy tracks bridging the pop and alternative worlds. Song to check out: new single, Burn   Halflives is: Linda Battilani | Vocals Enrico Bertoni | Guitar & Vocals Matt Mantovani | Guitar Oscar Scantamburlo | Bass Fede Bernardi | Drums Make sure to visit their social media sites! Information & Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Band of the Day

Our Spotlight Band is rockers KANDUR from San Francisco

November 26, 2016

  Today our Spotlight Band is KANDUR. We recently caught KANDUR performing at the Neck of the Woods in San Francisco. They kicked off the show with The Fame Riot and RADKEY. They came out with great energy and got the crowd ready to rock. Their music delivers a great balance of alternative rock with hard hitting punches and dipped in a classic rock vibe. Very refreshing to find a band that brings out some great feel good rock music. The band is the works of Ilker Kandur who relocated to San Francisco when the political climate in his home of Istanbul started to take drastic turns for the worse, choosing San Francisco as one of the western world’s most historically progressive locales, and the home of many of his musical influences, San Francisco. Genre:  Alternative Rock/Rock Location: San Francisco, CA Feature: Delivers alternative rock with roots deep in the classic rock vibe, and yet can bring out some hard hitting rock tracks. Definitely pleasing fans across genre walls. Song to check out: new single, Save Me: Current [Read More]

Band of the Day

Our Spotlight Band is Breaker Breaker as they feed your need for ROCK n ROLL!

November 23, 2016

  Today our Spotlight Band is the bad ass rockers, BREAKER BREAKER out of Portland, Oregon. These three guys are carrying the torch of rock n roll as they are feeding your need for new rock. They are bringing out your love of 80’s metal, rock and glam but without dipping into the past or your old vinyl collection. These guys are here today and ready to stay. Their music features some sweet smoking guitars as well as the raspy/sexy vocals of Timmy Rokket. E-Ryder definitely takes you on a wild ride with his bass and Tommy Thunder is pounding the skins and bringing it all home. They might be three, but they are a powerful rockin trio making a big sound that demands to be heard. They have just released their new music video for their track, Pistol Grip Baby and it kicks ass! Who better to capture the rock n roll spirit and vibe that this band has than Modern Kicks vocalist/guitarist Ant Boyd. In addition to being a true rocker with his band, [Read More]

Band of the Day

Our Spotlight Band is rockers, RadioBlack and check out their new video!

November 22, 2016

Our new featured Spotlight Band, RadioBlack truly captured our attention as they bring to life a blend of nostalgic grunge and 90’s alternative rock, with modern flair. They are truly a powerhouse trio that are making a big impression on the music scene. The band is led by singer/guitarist TJ Courtney, drummer Derek Gledhill (founding member of Smile Empty Soul) and bassist Hayato Takano, a seasoned touring player. Prior to this new line-up, TJ recorded tracks at the Foo Fighters’ private recording facility, Studio 606, with producer John “Lou” Lousteau and a lineup of studio players including Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy), Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction), and Mick Murphy (My Ruin, Chevy Metal). The production team was rounded out by Fireball Ministry front-man and “Sound City” documentary producer Jim Rota, and Brad Smith of Blind Melon. The recordings will be featured on Radioblack’s debut album, slated for release in early 2017. They have recently released a new video premiered on Substream, that demands to be checked out! The song is Nothing Is Permanent and the video which was cut with footage lead singer TJ Courtney shot following a tornado that [Read More]