Toggo Ultrarock Interview: Take a step into his Twilight Zone of creativity

September 11, 2017

The dazzling, larger than life, effervescently flamboyant Toggo Ultrarock has just released his new single entitled Cannonball. A cross between Freddy Mercury, Alice Cooper and Adele, this artist, born and raised in Norway has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard, in the best way possible. I was indisputably compelled to investigate his prior music, and pray for more new releases. Toggo comes with an air of mystery. Once in a band called Scared of Girls, located in Hollywood, he was about to go national when he literally disappeared. Eight months later he re-emerged, having lost everything due to a strange experience…his house, his car, his money, and his chance at fame. Now he’s back with his soon to be released EP titled “Ultrarock”, accompanying his new single and video for Cannonball. I’m still not quite sure what universe Toggo has originated from, but wherever it is, I need to be there. I visited his Twilight Zone of creativity, and had a conversation with the EDM glam rocker, who replied to my inquisition [Read More]


Time to rock for a cause as House of Rock hosts Benefit concerts supporting School for Autism

September 9, 2017

Rock Star’s University House of Rock is not only the premiere top notch venue in Sonoma County, but they are ready to rock for a cause.  They  have just released news about a weekend of Benefit concerts supporting School for Autism. Check out the lasted news below:   BENEFIT CONCERT FOR SCHOOL FOR AUTISM Rock Star University’s House of Rock located at 3410 Industrial Drive in Santa Rosa is hosting a Benefit Concert Weekend for the ANOVA Center for Education, a school for autism and learning differences. on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30, 2017. All ticket sales for the weekend donated to the ANOVA Center for Education, a school for autism and learning differences,  to help them build a much needed, playground for ANOVA students. (see below) The Friday, September 29 concert  will feature Faithfully, a national touring Journey tribute band playing all your favorite Journey hits with local teen rock sensations V2 (pronounced V Squared) opening the show, playing classic rock covers and their award winning original music. The Saturday, September 30, concert  will feature Atomic Punks, a national touring Van [Read More]


Sleeping With Sirens kick off their “Up Close and Personal Gossip Tour” in San Francisco!

September 1, 2017

Sleeping With Sirens kicked off their “Up Close and Personal Gossip Tour” in San Francisco last night at Slim’s. The tour in support of the upcoming release of their new album Gossip on September 22nd.  It was an amazing night of music! It is quite an opportunity to catch Sleeping With Sirens in such an intimate venue.  It will take you back to the early days of catching the band perform in clubs and smaller venues.  The sold out show led to a packed house and energy raging from start to finish.  The night started off with Australian band Chase Atlantic hitting the stage. They caught our eye and ignited the venue with energy and infectious songs. (Click here for more photos of Chase Atlantic) Next up was the return of Palaye Royale to Slim’s and they killed it! Every time they put on a crowd-pleasing performance and last night was no different. (Click here for more photos of Palaye Royale set) Just when you thought the energy couldn’t get any higher, The White Noise [Read More]


Saint Mesa release new lyric video for Beads and catch them out on tour with courtship

August 9, 2017

  One of our favorite bands from BottleRock 2017 is without a doubt Saint Mesa. Saint Mesa features Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Danny McCook. His smooth vocals and infectious sound, brings out a mystical vibe that is inviting and mesmerizing. Saint Mesa has just released a new lyric video for their track Beads.  About the new video they commented via Instagram,   BEADS LYRIC VIDEO Really stoked we’re (finally) releasing this. Cool story about this one, we made this whole rainforest set in my parents garage. Super diy. Made a working fountain with a rock pool and moss and everything. V proud of @onlysuperstition , this is his first time directing and editing a video to this scope, he absolutely killed it.  Once again,  Saint Mesat takes you on a tropical journey of rich colors and warmth.  Check out the lyric video  here:   We are excited to share with you the tour dates as Saint Mesa will be heading out on a West Coast run with courtship. We hope you pick up your tickets and get out [Read More]


VIDEO: Mona Borland featuring melodic metalcore infused with grungy metal vibes

August 3, 2017

Get ready for your order! Here you go: Mona Borland is serving up some infectious melodic metalcore with a side of grunge metal making a perfect dish. Dallas based Mona Borland wanted to create something a little different and they definitely have satisfied us with their music! A little more about Mona Borland: A 4-piece outfit, their sound is best summarized as a cohesive blend of grungy alt-rock and melodic metalcore with powerful choruses. In less than a year, the band has quickly become a prominent name in the DFW metal scene, sparking a buzz with their 1st self-released EP, “Sad Sounds from Space”.           On paper, something like this—djenty space/post-rock-influenced post-mathcore—not only makes me look like I’m a genre whore, but it also doesn’t sound like something that’d be very good in execution. It’s tough to write hybridized metal, in my opinion; there’s very little room for success because you need to make the genres nearly seamless. Yet, Mona Borland manages to do this, and as far as I know, Sad Sounds From Space [Read More]


Get to know Eva as she is set to release her new music video for Bad For Us

August 1, 2017

Who is Eva off stage? Eva isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill glammed-out, glitter-esque diva Barbie doll, which is what makes her such a sensation.  It should be noted that there’s a rumor—and this is just gossip at this point—but there’s a rumor that she’s planning ‘the biggest pop-up glitter party the world has ever known’ for her next single Over U…  I’m sure we’ll follow up with her about that… But who is Eva off stage?   “I’m a pop artist who is very much a real person. I’m not a super diva type, I’m relatable as a person. On stage I get glammed up and love sparkles everywhere, but off stage I’m pretty normal.”   Instant Karma’s remix of Bad For Us shows us both sides of the Hollywood coin –  made for Hollywood and made in Hollywood… What differentiates Eva from the vixen DJ duo, Instant Karma, is pretty simple, which is why they make for such a bomb collaboration.  Two colored-hair, pierced up DJ beauties jaw-dropping the crowd with their looks (and music) at swanky clubs and in-the-know parties are about as [Read More]

Band of the Day

Spotlight on metal band The Art of Deception and their new lyric video

July 27, 2017

Today we bring the spotlight on a metal band from Central, PA. Allow us to introduce you to The Art of Deception. The band is bringing together the varied artistic styles of its members and have developed a sound that utilizes the best elements from many genres of heavy music. Check out more on the band: While still young and relatively unknown, The Art of Deception has accomplished quite a lot in a short amount of time. In June of 2015, They released a self-titled 6 song EP, which is available on all major online music retailers. Since it’s release, they have shared the stage with such notable acts as: Upon a Burning Body, Carnifex, Dance Gavin Dance, Whitechapel, A Skylit Drive, iwrestleabearonce, Within The Ruins (x2), Oceano, ERRA, Polyphia, It Lives, It Breathes, Lorna Shore, and The Last Ten Seconds of Life. Following a Summer and Fall filled with shows, the band recorded a single at Atrium Audio with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. Their single titled “Family Portrait” was released in 2016 and [Read More]