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MUST SEE SHOW: The Unlikely Candidates at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco – Thursday April 27th.

April 26, 2017

Another important reminder for you is to get to The Bottom of the Hill this Thursday, April 27th for The Unlikely Candidates show. I remember the first time we saw them perform in San Francisco, back in 2013 as they opened for Blue October at the Fillmore. Over the past several years, we have watched this band immensely grow as well as their fanbase. They have conitnued to deliver a strong alternative rock/grunge style that is complete with an energetic and charismatic live performance. They will be playing at the Bottom of the Hill, along with The Fame Riot and Cemetery Sun.  Tickets are only $12 and you can purchase them here:  We will make sure to bring you coverage of the show as well as a new interview. In case you missed it, make sure to check out their global video for Ringer, which was made with submissions from over 27 countries such as Macedonia, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Mozambique to name some of the more interesting entries.   The video represents a massive global effort [Read More]


Get hooked on alt-metal band RAVEN BLACK with their new video for Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars

April 19, 2017

Are you ready to get addicted to a new band? Well here you go! Time to get your fix of alternative metal band RAVEN BLACK. Their music brings together a blend of metal, rock, alternative and more. Dipped in dark mystery, theatrical debauchery, commanding vocals and infectious melodies! They have just released a video for their track Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars. The song is off of their debut EP Seven Sins, out NOW via WURMgroup. The video was directed Josh Apple and filmed by Andrew Spirk of ” Check it out here: You can pick up their new EP Seven Sins now by heading over to iTunes:  Track List: 1. twinkle twinkle little scars 2. still healing 3. voices 4. blackening 5. damaged 6. seven sins 7. 13 Their debut EP Seven Sins was recorded in the Wilderness, with Grammy Nominated ProducerUlrich Wild of WurmGroup. The seven song release has garnered loads of buzz and fans demanding more. Taken to the road again after a debut tour with Mushroomhead in October 2016, they played Rock Fest [Read More]

New Music

Take a listen to RASPIN’s new 4/20 song “Smoke the Hookah!”

April 19, 2017

We have a song for you to check out on 4/20. It is the new song from RASPIN and it is Smoke the Hookah! Raspin Stuwart’s new release is a soulful reggae track which calls you to “get up and stand up”. As we approach 4/20 this month, we celebrate with the new enlightened laws that have swept states such as California, Colorado and Washington. While we still have a journey ahead of us in so many other states to assert our God-given rights to live our ways of life as we wish, the momentum continues to build. Raspin’s “Smoke the Hookah” inspires us to “get up and stand up – stand up for your rights. These are human rights; we’ve got to fight so peacefully. Unite, people!”  Check out the song here:   Make sure to visit his social media sites for the latest news. Information & Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter:


NEW SONG: Metalcore band Hollow release their new single, Anomaly, off their debut album

April 19, 2017

Metalcore band Hollow have just released their new single, Anomaly which is off their debut album, Home Isn’t Where the Heart Is. The album is set to release on June 9th. Vocals and bassist, John Flynn comments about the  new album, ‘Home Is Not Where The Heart Is’ was originally going to be a concept album, and these lyrics were the only ones we kept after we decided against that. It’s all about how bleak the future looks. They describe all of humanity being narrowed down to one big city that’s sucking up the rest of our natural resources. So inside the walls everything looks fine, but the rest of world is just a big desert. It’s very Mad Max and it’s very Matrix.” Check out the new song here: You can pre-order the album by  heading over to: Home Is Not Where The Heart Is Track List 1. Coward King 2. The American Dream 3. Dis/connect 4. Anomaly 5. Too Far Gone 6. Delta F508 7. No Offense 8. Tonguespeak 9. The Wicked 10. Alpha/Omega 11. [Read More]

New Music

Brett Gleason returns with sophomore album Manifest, fueled with a depth of passion and emotion

April 19, 2017

Multi-instrumentalist Brett Gleason returns with his sophomore album, Manifest and it is fueled with a depth of emotion and passion. The album is the follow up to Brett’s acclaimed 2014 self-titled effort, and features the singles “If I Could” and “Expiration Date.”  Brett comments about the new album, “My 2nd album, ‘Manifest’ feels more like my first as I strip down my sound to address the basic themes of humanity such as love, loss, death & time with the fresh perspective of an artist reborn. Whereas my debut album of dark, electro rock dealt with the drama of mental illness – ‘Manifest’ is my re-initiation into the life of the living as I try to live and love in the light of the world. It’s not easy but armed with my piano, an acoustic guitar, and poetry – I’m starting to navigate this complexly beautiful world and have devoted ‘Manifest’ to my first forays into its depths.” Take a listen to the new album here: You can now purchase the album on iTunes and Brett’s [Read More]

Music News

This Friday undiscovered PRINCE recordings set to be released with six song EP Deliverance

April 19, 2017

  This Friday in honor of the one year anniversary of the passing of the Pop Icon Prince, a new six song EP of undiscovered Prince studio recordings from 2006-2008 will be released. The title track, “Deliverance,” is available now on iTunes and Apple Music.  The pre-order for the EP is also available now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.     Check out the news release below: The EP disc version of DELIVERANCE will be released nationwide on June 2 at Walmart, Target and other major brick and mortar stores. DELIVERANCE features six previously unreleased tracks:  “Deliverance,” “Man Opera,” which includes a four-movement medley:  “I Am,” “Touch Me,” “Sunrise Sunset,” “No One Else;” and an extended version of “I Am.”  The songs were written and recorded when Prince was an independent artist, protesting what he saw as an unjust music industry.  In the spirit of that independence, and in supporting Prince‘s opinion of major label contracts, DELIVERANCE is being released independently via RMA, a Vancouver, WA based record company.  The majority of all sales of DELIVERANCE will benefit [Read More]


Emery announce Summer Tour Dates after highly successful INDIEGOGO Campaign for LP

April 19, 2017

One of the hardest working bands and dedicated to their fans, Emery have announced Summer Tour Dates! Emery had a highly successful INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign for their new LP. Check out the news below: After smashing their crowdfunding goal by 154%, Emery is rewarding their fan’s generosity with a ten city tour starting June 7th in Lawrence, KS. The (once again) five-piece has set a new precedence in the DIY world, choosing to forego the traditional structure of touring, depending on booking agents and promoters, and reverse engineering the entire process. Emery’s innovation in the music business and the craft itself is unmatched. Acoustic and full band performances available now. Catch Emery this summer and watch for LP number 7 coming this Fall. Band Members: Toby Morell Matt Carter Dave Powell Devin Shelton Josh Head Make sure to mark your calendars and get yourself to one of these shows! I will leave you with a couple of their videos: Information & Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: