Get Ready to Rock with solo artist, Frank Palangi and his new EP!

Frank Palagni

Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter, Frank Palangi of New York, will have you ready to rock with his new EP, “I AM READY”.  Multi-Instrumentalist Frank, who has recorded/mixed/produced rock scoring work with local artists is back out in the forefront with his own new EP. “I AM READY” truly delivers the goods and satisfies your need for rock. .

Frank Palangi

It starts right off with a deep intro and Frank’s intense vocals, that take you into the heavy hitting title track. It is a blazin rock song filled with bad ass riffs and the song really highlight’s Frank‘s impeccable tonality in his vocals. 

Turn It All Around has a cool build up intro that you will love, along with some raw edgy guitars, raging drums, and catchy lyrics. It is about time, we get more of the real rock and roll sound that Frank brings to life along with his emotionally driven lyrics.

Frozen is a passionate ballad that has some soul touching lyrics and it can truly span across the rock/pop/alternative genres. Frank delivers a sincerity in his vocals in Frozen that are just quite moving.

Thank You completely rocks, intense guitars, fierce build up and vocals come on sharp and deep. Boo Hoo brings out the fun country rock side of Frank and is quite a catchy song. I love it! You can’t help but move around and sing along the chorus on this fun spirited song. Clearly, a crowd favorite. Check out a Promo vid for Thank You :


I know that I always tell you about how I truly believe that Music can heal Us, mend Us or just help us through hard times. One song on his EP, the bonus track, Last Wish is that song! It genuinely has a soothing touch for your soul, that warm hug from a friend, a friendly smile or just the reminder that everything will be okay. Last Wish, completely took me back to two years ago when I lost my father. I remember the exact moment of having to say goodbye to him, the tears falling as he left “this place”. This song just brings a peace to me that I have longed for since his passing. Lyrically, it is the most sentimental, heart touching song. It is quite powerful and I thank you Frank for writing such a touching and meaningful song for me.

You can pick up Frank’s EP, “I AM READY” right now through Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, or Also check out Frank performing BOO HOO live at the Reality Dance Summer Jam opening for pop act, IM5.


Frank’s passion for his music shines through with his determination to follow his dreams. As Frank says, “I have no plan B in backing down on my dreams. If you want to live your dreams, it must come from your passion, determination and will coming from within.”  That is great advice to live by.  Make sure to visit Frank Palangi’s social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news so we can all watch Frank as he made his dreams a reality.

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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