The Time is now for “Another Lost Year”

Allow me to introduce you to a great new band that hails from Charlotte, NC,  “Another Lost Year”. Once you take a listen, I am sure you will be hearing a lot more of this band. Another Lost Year was voted 2011 Rock Band of the Year in the Carolinas and this year they are ready to take over the airwaves with their Hard Rock/Alternative Metal sound. Over the past year, they have played with some of my favorite bands; Pop Evil, Rev Theory, Royal Bliss, Nonpoint, 10 Years, Flyleaf, Soulicit and 30 Seconds to Mars.

I was recently given their new album “Better Days” (produced by Justin Rimer – 12 Stones) to review and it has been some time since I have listened to an album for a review and immediately have added it to my regular daily playlist. That is how awesome this album was for me. They bring such a great sound and style to their music which is reminiscent of early LIVE.  Their lyrics resonate with  deep emotion and bring the listener to peer into their own lives and feel each song as if it were written for them alone. The album is filled with great guitar licks, pounding drums and crisp vocals.

The first single of the album is the intense fist pumping rocking song, “War on the The Inside”. This song will have you easily engaged within seconds as you may remember a time when you might have had that “War on the Inside” where you were left to yourself to fight your own demons and hope to be saved. I just got the chance to watch their video for it and it is everybit as intense as I expected it to be. I love it. Check it out here:


“Better Days” reminds me of a cross of Creed and Seven Mary Three. Another two of my favorite bands. Another Lost Year blends their hard rock with excellent vocals that gives you a well rounded sound.It is hard to pick any favorites since I have been listening to the entire album so much and each song brings to life a new emotion or new memory for me.   We have all had those relationships that left us broken and with lots to say to other person which is what I hear when I listen to “Broken” or “What I Deserve”.

“Angels”  is a great ballad that is home to my favorite lyrics of the entire album, “I’ll be there until the Angels take your place”. Absolutely beautiful, would be perfect for a tattoo…. hmmm. maybe??   I still want to find out who the guest female vocalist is on that song. She has a beautiful voice that just blends perfectly with Clinton Cunanan. “Runaway” brings the romance alive and with the sweet melody makes the miles disappear in a long distance relationship.

“Writing on the Wall” brings a touch of Blink 182 sound to it and it is a welcome addition to the album. The last song on the album “Forget about Us” is the perfect ending to the album, it is the grand finale and just rounds out this album perfectly.  I could imagine that these guys put on a great live show and hope to catch them when they come out to the West Coast.

So please do get a chance to check out Another Lost Year at the following links and let me know what you think. “Better Days” is set to release August 14, 2012 through Megaforce Records/Thermal Entertainment. Make sure to get your copy! Stay tuned and maybe I can update with an interview of this great band.

~ Enjoy, Marisol

Another Lost Year is Clinton Cunahan, Adam Hall, David Whitaker, Lee Norris, and Andrew Allender



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