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The Jaded

The Jaded

It has been quite some time that I can say that my old stomping grounds, San Francisco has produced a great rock and roll band. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of great things have come from San Francisco.  Sourdough soup bowl from Boudin’s.  Seafood at the Wharf.  The Stinking Rose. Fun nights at Candlestick. but a great rock band…. not in a while… until now.

We had the pleasure of seeing San Francisco rock band, The Jaded up here at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa. These guys just bring old school rock and roll and wrap in everything from funk to old school sound, that just has you wanting more and more.  The Jaded is Jimmy Steal aka Sergio on vocals/rhythm guitar, Matt Notter on bass, Downey Orrick on lead guitar/backing vocals and Elliot Starno on drums and percussion.  These four come together to send you into rock and roll bliss with their sound. We had the chance to catch up with The Jaded at their recent show at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, Ca and you can check out that interview here:

Now that you know about them and had a chance to listen to them, join me in supporting them on their current Kickstarter campaign.  There are some great rewards for your pledge, from a copy of their EP to guitar lessons to play tambourine on their recording.  So take a good look and pledge, then let us know what you did.

We look forward to hearing more from The Jaded and hope you bought/downloaded their  CD Juke. Tell me what your favorite song is.  All are excellent but I do love “Broken Records” and “Honeybear” (this song has such a great Red Hot Chili Pepper vibe which I LOVE!).  What about you?

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