Hey Violet kick off tour with stellar show in San Francisco and pick up their new single, Break My Heart

March 10, 2017

This week Hey Violet kicked off their tour with a stellar performance in San Francisco. They came to one of my favorite venues, The Chapel which provided the perfect place for them to deliver 150% energy and a fantastic show! Check out the photos by our Rockin Ryan: They had the crowd singing along and dancing, amid the loud screams of excitement! Today Hey Violet released their new song, Break My Heart which you can listen to by heading over to: Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Information & Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Band of the Day

Check out your new favorite band: Frankie + The Studs as they release new video for “She’s Insane”

February 5, 2017

  Our new Spotlight Band is soon to be your new favorite band! Check out Frankie + The Studs as they bring to life your love of old school punk rock and Rock n Roll at 100%. They recently released a new video for their song, She’s Insane and it truly captures their fun rock n roll spirit. The video was directed by Christopher Pearson. Check out the video here: Frankie + The Studs features: Frankie Clarke Ronnie Simmons Johnny Martin Matt Lucich From the first listen, I was captivated by their sound, then once you see them perform live, you are overtaken by their rock glam style and vibrant energy on stage. They are a fusion of punk, glam, rock, 70’s pop that are set on reviving the rock generation. We will see if we can bring you an interview with them soon.   Meanwhile, head over to iTunes and pick up their music, share the video with your friends and get them hooked on Frankie + The Studs. Information & Links: Website: Facebook: [Read More]

Music News

Sharks In The Deep End released my new fave holiday track, Don’t Be A Jerk on Christmas

December 16, 2016

We have the perfect Holiday themed song for you to get hooked on and it won’t put you to sleep. How about the infectious new track, “Don’t Be A  Jerk, on Christmas”  from new wave punk banda, Sharks In The Deep End.  Take a listen here: Regarding the inspiration for the song, frontman Tucker Jameson says: “‘It’s been a long, long year’ is the opening line of our song and man oh man truer words have never been spoken. With all the mixed emotions coming out of recent events, we used our sense of humor to take a moment to remind everyone, including ourselves, that Christmas and the holidays are a time to come together and appreciate the joys in life. There is a long history amongst artists who inspire us, from John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Alex Chilton and The Killers, who’ve put out Christmas songs and we are excited to follow in their footsteps by adding ours to the mix!” I love this track and the lyrics are so spot on! Check [Read More]


FREE DOWNLOAD: Pick up the new track Dagger For The Eye from The Press Gang for a dose of punk/rock/metal!

December 15, 2016

The Press Gang are serving up a much needed dose of hard rock, metal and punk with their latest album, Medusa-5. You have 30 minutes of blissful music filled with heavy guitar riffs, high energy, infectious rasply vocals and punk flair.  One of their great tracks is Dagger For The Eye which is a tribute to David Bowie. Check out the track here:   You can head over to where you can download it. Check out their album and pick it up today. iTunes | Amazon | CD Baby | Google Play Track Listing of Album: 1. Dagger For The Eye (3:46) 2. Churning The Rust (3:00) 3. Bumblebee (2:41) 4. Rise (2:42) 5. Blister & Boil (4:11) 6. Bone & Gravel (2:28) 7. Die Inquisitor Die (1:59) 8. Brontosaurus (2:01) 9. Kill the Bastards (3:00) 10. Ship & Sail (3:57) The Press Gang is: Colin McCulloch – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Chad Laing – Lead Guitar Lindsay Arnold – Bass Derek Lindzon – Drums Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Information & [Read More]


Indie/Punk band Save Face release new music video for title track of their album, Folly

December 14, 2016

Indie/Punk band Save Face are a band you should be keeping on your radar. The duo featuring Tyler Povanda and Christopher Flannery have consistently toured up and down the East Coast. Earlier this year, they released their catchy EP, Folly through Take This To Heart Records. They have now released their video for the album’s title track, Folly. Check it out here and get hooked on their infectuous charismatic music. Folly is out now on 12”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records in conjunction with Backpack Records and Open Door Records. Povada comments about Folly, “Folly is meant to personify the way in which we derive our self-worth from anything but one’s self. These songs are an examination of a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.”   Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Information & Links:


Interview with RADKEY as they delivered a fierce punk rock set in San Francisco out on their tour!

November 23, 2016

One band I am truly thankful for…. is Radkey! Holy shit, they have blown me away and I am hooked on them.  We recently brought you the coverage from their San Francisco show at Neck of the Woods with The Fame Riot. The night was great and Radkey  WOWed us with their stellar set. They are truly a punk rock phenomenon that has to be heard! I must tell you, that I was grinning ear to ear from start to finish watching them perform. It has been a long time for me since I stood in amazement as I knew I was witnessing this incredible band, and I might not have the chance to experience them in such an intimate venue again. They are destined for a bright future as they remind me of the early days of  Misfits, Ramones, or Nirvana. The band features three Radke brothers, Dee  on guitars/vocals, Isaiah on bass/vocals and Solomon on drums. They are a mighty three that will blow you away with their music. We had a chance to [Read More]

Electronic Rock

RADKEY and The Fame Riot make a stop in San Francisco! Catch them out on their must see tour!

November 22, 2016

I know I am always telling you to get out and enjoy the many great bands out on tour. Well this time, I am begging you to get out and catch the Radkey Fall Tour with The Fame Riot. It will be a rare treat to catch these amazing bands in an intimate venue setting. It won’t be long that they will be playing large capacity venues as they are sure to explode onto the music scene. We caught the tour as it made a stop in San Francisco this past Sunday night. The night kicked off with a great set by local band, Kandur which we will featuring in an upcoming post. Next up was one of our recently featured bands,  The Fame Riot featuring brothers Liz and Shazam. They are incredible and dished up “feel good” music that has you dancing and letting go of any concerns or stress. Their music brings out a nostalgic vibe of 70’s glam/rock as well as the infectious style of 90’s alternative/dance, and a heaping side of modern day [Read More]