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Sara Skinner rocks you with her angelic voice!

Sara Skinner WOW! Amazing voice that just embraces your soul. Truly the work of an angel. That is how I can describe this next artist. I have to tell you about an unbelievable new artist that I am looking forward to seeing at NAMM at the Lampifier Microphone booth next week.  That incredible voice belongs to beautiful and talented, Sara Skinner. I first heard about Sara and was asked to check out one of her cover songs that she does on her [Read more]

January 16, 2013

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Shinedown and the Band Meeting Gone Bad

If you are in a band you might be familiar with those band meetings that have gone wrong and how artistic differences come out and everyone is screaming to defend their own side. Well if you are not familiar with them, then Shinedown’s new video for their latest single “Enemies” gives you a glimpse in to the reality of a really bad band meeting. What is really great is that if you like Shinedown and know them well, this video [Read more]

July 18, 2012

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