Blues Rockers DELTA ROSE set to open for Guns N Roses this Saturday in Vegas!


We have exciting news to share with you. Our friends in Delta Rose will be opening for Guns n Roses this Saturday, May 24th  at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

One thing is for sure, it will be an incredible night and Delta Rose will be delivering another one of their kick ass sets! Delta Rose  is one of the best live bands out there. They are such a young band but have showmanship that is well beyond their years. While many young bands are out there creating music that sounds as if it is a carbon copy of eachother, Delta Rose is creating their own style of music. It is pure blues and rock n roll and it is addictive.   We will bring you more details about the show but for now, make sure you are ready to head out to Las Vegas for their not to miss show!

To all the people who are crying out for new music and to bring rock and roll back to the forefront, Delta Rose is the answer to your rock and roll prayers. Their new album shows how much this band has grown in 7 years, each one perfecting their own art and have mastered their own style. As I have said before, You can feel the passion in their songs as one message rings true…. These boys are ready to ROCK! Check out the slide show of photos from Rockin Ryan from their Troubadour set here:

They are definitely one of the hardest working bands in Los Angeles as they perform as often as they can. It is in their blood to perform as these guys definitely belong on stage and they put on a show that has you begging for more.. Also check out the bad ass tribute video that Rockin Ryan put together which features footage and photos from their set the last time we saw them at the Troubadour:


Stay tuned and we will see if we can bring you some of their  new music!  We will see when we can bring you more details about a release date or track listings.  For now, visit their social media sites,  pick up their current self titled EP which is available on Itunes, and crank up DELTA ROSE!

~ Crank it Up, Marisol

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