“Play from the heart.” Inspiring words to live by Dean Zimmer


If you ever doubt yourself or think you can’t do something, then it is time to take a look at the amazing work of Dean Zimmer.  People may know him as the handicapped drummer who answered a “Drummer Wanted” Ad.  After watching Dean play, there is no way I could describe him as handicapped or disabled, because he truly can do anything he wants. It just may take a bit longer.

Dean was born with a rare congenital disorder but that has not stopped him from pursuing his dream of drumming. Film makers Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales wanted to share the story about Dean and they directed an inspiring video to share his story. You can check it out here:


When you watch him play, you are in awe as he moves around and just brings his music to life with his drumming. What an inspiring man, Dean is. When asked about  his playing, he just simply replies, “Play from the heart” and he does that beautifully with his unique drum style.

I hope I get the chance to see Dean play live. His band has opened for Thin Lizzy, Paul Rodgers, Eddie Money, Foghat, Styx, Kansas and more. For now, let’s all remember one of my favorite quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt:

“Physical strength can never

permanently withstand the

impact of spiritual force.”

~ Marisol

For more information visit: http://rossangeles.net/Drummer-Wanted-Dean-Zimmer


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