Spotlight Band: Check out the debut release from new band The Pride

L to R: Justin Emord, Ryan Haudson, Daniel McGuffey, Brian Sheahan Photo Credit: Paige Sara


Shining in the spotlight is the alternative rock band, The Pride and their debut single, Over Myself. The infectious new track is off their upcoming EP, Too Damn Late.  due out in early December 2020.

About the band:

The Pride is composed of Daniel McGuffey on vocals, Ryan Hudson on guitar and vocals and Justin Emord on bass, both of the famed LA band, Love and A .38. Rounding out the rhythm is Brian Sheahan of St. Louis punk band, BAMF on drums. The Pride’s fast, melodic rock is influenced by artists like The Wildhearts and Cheap Trick, both known for their mixture of pop sensibilities, raw guitars, and driving tempos. Daniel leans into simple song structures, major keys, and upbeat, sing-along choruses to compliment his introspective lyrics, while Ryan’s vocal harmonies and riff-heavy guitar playing introduce grit and depth to each song. Thematically, The Pride’s music deals with heartbreak, addiction and recovery, anxiety and depression and resentment with an emphasis on admitting fault, taking responsibility and trudging forward. Daniel’s lyrics are influenced heavily by country singers like Roger Miller and George Jones, who have a knack for taking weighty topics like substance abuse, shame, regret and grief, and wrapping them in catchy melodies with sincere storytelling.

The Pride formed in 2015 when Daniel reached out to Ryan and Justin seeking help to record the band’s debut EP Yakuzamerica. In 2019 the band recruited drummer Brian and began working on new material. They self-recorded their EP Too Damn Late with Ryan as the producer.


About the new track:

In 2018 The Pride’s frontman Daniel was drifting in and out of suicidal ideation while fearing being institutionalized. Rather than hide his feelings, he nervously shared his thoughts with close friends he knew he could trust. While some gave practical advice like “just let me keep the gun for now,” it was Daniel’s friend John who told him what he really needed to hear; “when Daniel is considering taking his own life, all Daniel is thinking about is Daniel.” Daniel’s misery, John helped him discover, was a byproduct of his own self-pity and self-obsession. This truth observed from rock bottom led McGuffey to uncover more humbling revelations; he was suppressing anger, consumed by resentment, and nestled within his contemplation of suicide was a desperate plea for validation…“maybe then my dear you’d pay attention to me.”

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