Collective Soul deliver 5 star stellar performance to the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco


Monday night at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco was a magical evening, as Collective Soul made a stop on their See What You Started Tour to the sold out venue. The tour is in support of their recently released and highly praised new album, See What You Started By Continuing. The night started off with a great set by Magnets and Ghosts which is the alternative rock band featuring Dean Roland and Ryan Potesta. I have been waiting to see them live and they were incredible.

The venue was packed to capacity as Collective Soul took the stage. I have seen Collective Soul live possibly 15 times and I must say this was the best performance I have every been privileged to watch. It was pure bliss as they sounded absolutely spot on, and delivered a vibrant new life to their songs. It was as if Collective Soul was the fountain of youth and everyone was drinking their sweet elixir. The crowd came to life with passion and unwavering energy. The predominantly middle aged crowd were teens once again dancing and singing along to their favorite Collective Soul tunes. Washed from their minds were the worries or work, mortgages, and other life struggles. The only thing that mattered that night was the sweet music of Collective Soul.

Our photographer Rockin Ryan had this to say,

“It was an honor to finally shoot professionally Collective Soul, since they were the first band that really introduced me to my love of music. From the first concert I went to of theirs in Reno nearly 9 years ago, being just a young kid, talking with them and giving me the inspiration to follow my dreams in music, it lit a fire in me that continues to burn. After maybe shooting over 300 shows, this was the first time that I can honestly say it was so hard to stay focused behind the camera because I was in awe of their sound. I couldn’t help to just soak it all in. I can’t wait to be able to see them again.”

Now and days at concerts, everyone has their cameras or cell phones in the air, people missing that “in the moment” feeling. But at this show, you could probably count on one hand, the phones in the air. People were truly there for the music and were 100% in the moment. Ed’s vocals were timeless and sounded fantastic as he danced across the stage with his signature mic stand moves. Jesse Triplett on guitar was ferocious with his impeccable riffs and solos and endless energy. Will is such a cool cat on bass as  he ignites the vibe with slamming basslines. Dean is making sure everyone is having a good time with his infectious smile as he rocks on his guitar. Bringing the powerful sound all together is the precision drumming of Johnny Rabb.

If you haven’t already picked up their new album, make sure to pick it up today! It features some amazing kick ass songs that will have you rekindle your love for Collective Soul. They have such a spark and passion in their music that shines through with each and every song.

The tour continues on and I strongly suggest you make sure to check out a show. You may be planning for one, but after you see them, you will want to find out where the next one is, so you can relive the magical night all over. I can’t wait for their return to California or we may just have to make a road trip to their next show!

~ Marisol

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  1. I made the trip from Montreal to Boston in October to see them for the 4th time since 1996. They were just awe inspiring! I agree, I felt like the univeristy student I was the first time I saw them. Plus, I was fortunate enough to do the Meet&Greet. Incredibly talented and gracious as well. Can’t wait to see them again!

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