Get to know Eva as she is set to release her new music video for Bad For Us

Who is Eva off stage?

Eva isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill glammed-out, glitter-esque diva Barbie doll, which is what makes her such a sensation.  It should be noted that there’s a rumor—and this is just gossip at this point—but there’s a rumor that she’s planning ‘the biggest pop-up glitter party the world has ever known’ for her next single Over U…  I’m sure we’ll follow up with her about that… But who is Eva off stage?


“I’m a pop artist who is very much a real person. I’m not a super diva type, I’m relatable as a person. On stage I get glammed up and love sparkles everywhere, but off stage I’m pretty normal.”


Instant Karma’s remix of Bad For Us shows us both sides of the Hollywood coin –  made for Hollywood and made in Hollywood… What differentiates Eva from the vixen DJ duo, Instant Karma, is pretty simple, which is why they make for such a bomb collaboration.  Two colored-hair, pierced up DJ beauties jaw-dropping the crowd with their looks (and music) at swanky clubs and in-the-know parties are about as commercial as it gets … But then there’s Eva.  There’s nothing Hollywood about her and that’s what makes her so truly Hollywood. There’s no falsehood in the appearance:  It’s just her.  Raw and real, which is the main attribute that resonates with her fan base, which, mind you, isn’t to say Instant Karma isn’t a bundle of fun, cause they’re rad too.  Super rad in fact.

But back to Eva, in her new music video soon to premiere, Bad For Us, Analigital shoots and directs a storyline reminiscent of an early 90’s MTV music video, with a poppy, feel-good rhythm, rather than the seduction on steroids soft-core porn that seems to be dominating most pop artist brands at the moment.  Her brand is the polar-opposite of that façade and that’s what is so relieving to many of us:  To see and hear an artist that we can truly relate to.  We aren’t over here idolizing someone that we’re not sure even exists…


But the difficulties of the industry remain the same.  When asked about her biggest obstacles that she’s had to overcome, she stresses the negativity stemming from those full of shit industry-players that just never seem to go away.  I suppose they’re what makes the world go ‘round, right?  She says:


“People promise things they can’t actually deliver, just looking out for themselves.”


Go figure… But when asked what has been her single biggest gift she’s been given to help her trudge past the adversities, it’s good ol’fashioned family:


“My dad has always been heavily involved in my career. He’s believed in me 100% from day one and always has my back.”


What a relief… Jeez, it seems like family has become nothing but a business in showbiz sometimes.  Bottom line is, no matter who you are or how your brand is structured, Eva says:


“You gotta have thick skin and be willing to go through tons of ups and downs. It’s a really competitive industry but as long as you’re strong enough to stick to what you believe in and not give up, you’ll find success little by little.”

And it’s this that draws her fans so close to her.  Little by little.  That’s how a great anything is built… Little by little.  We don’t hear so much about the slow build ups anymore as we do the pseudo overnight successes that take decades to break.  Hard work pays off, staying true to your values pays off… A quick glance at her Instagram will show you that Eva never tries to bullshit anyone, and that’s the allure.  She’s not wearing any corny ‘record industry’ costume.  She runs her own social media and shows it’s okay to have a regular Instagram, full of regular pictures, doing regular things with regular people.


“Instagram is my fav, it definitely helped grow my fan base. It’s hard to keep up with everything! Facebook, twitter, insta, snapchat, insta stories…. There’s so much! It can get overwhelming for someone like me who doesn’t like to constantly be busy on my phone.”


But even with that said, it seems like peering into the lives of who we admire is as important as the actual art they put out, and she knows that.  We all do.  In the meantime, we’re keeping a close eye on the upcoming release of her new music video for Bad For Us.


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