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Money Brothers

We recently told you of the news of another shake up in the Escape The Fate lineup. Monte and Michael Money announced their new musical venture, Money Brother$. These two guys have been working hard on their new music and literally taking a hands on approach to their music. Each one performing many functions and Kicking Ass while doing it. Monte Money is on Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Composer, Production and Michael Money is on Guitar, Backing Vocals, Composer, Production.  They have released their first single, Break Free and WOW! It is really good! You can pick it up now on ItunesBandcamp or Amazon. Check it out here:



Break Free has a great acoustic intro and then starts right in to some heavy signature sweep picking guitar work. Vocals will definitely draw you in as well as the bad ass precision drumming.  If this song is a precursor to what Money Brother$ has in store for us, I am damn excited!!!  We had the chance to talk with the Money Brothers and are pleased to bring you that interview here:

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Music Junkie Press: HI Guys! First I have to say… We are so excited about the new band! So, was there a specific event or time where you both decided to “Break Free” and create Money Brothers?

Money Brother$: It was something we thought about since we were kids. First, it started with Escape The Fate, where we were able to expand our musical abilities more and we learned more about the process in bringing the music to our fans and the world. We had been working on it since 2012 when we were off, in between tours, not writing for ETF, and just on our off time. Eventually, we wanted to see how creative we could be and that’s when we got serious about about our musical project and started Money Brothers. Now we’re able to bring everyone music as we had envisioned since we were little kids.

Music Junkie Press: You have created an excitement among all of us! “Break Free” is an amazing song and we have been getting nonstop positive feedback on the song. How was it recording it and what was the inspiration behind the song?

 Money Brother$: The recording process was a breeze and it’s something fun that we like to do. It was a great experience finally releasing a recording of ourselves. The end was very different than what we’re used to doing especially doing rock music for so long. We wanted to try to make the song stand out and that’s when we came up with the dub-step, electronic element at the end of the song. The inspiration behind “Break Free” was definitely, breaking away from the daily grind and breaking free from what blocks the mind creates that can keep someone from accomplishing or doing what one really wants in life. Break Free can mean to someone a lot of things, break free from their job, break free from their bad habits, or just breaking free into something new. That’s what we love about the song “Break Free” is that it’s interpretation is open to anyone’s life.

Music Junkie Press: That is great sentiment. We all have things that we can break free from. I know that when I first heard it, it was quite empowering! I have noticed that each of you wear many hats in the band and Monte, I didn’t even know you played drums. Were both of you always musically inclined even at a young age?

Monte:  Yes, we grew up around music, our entire childhood consisted of music since generations of our family was very much into music. In school thankfully they had band where Michael actually played the baritone and guitar, while I, Monte took guitar class one year and taught myself to play the guitar the rest of the time, mostly by ear and tabs. Michael also sang in choir for church since he was 13 for 3 years. Monte – I actually took drum lessons at the age of 9 before I got into guitar surprisingly.

Michael: We were always a fan of Elvis, Monte had our mom actually ask Smith’s(grocery store) who had been selling Elvis items for their life-size stand up promotion poster of Elvis to bring home, this was when Monte was 7 years old. She surprised him with it.

Music Junkie Press: Those are great memories! We are excited to hear more from Money Brother$ and hopefully a tour too! Will you be adding to the band or just have touring musicians, anyone in mind as of yet?

Money Brother$: Thank you! We are excited to bring you what we have in store as well and live most of all. We will be having touring musicians that will accompany us for the live Money Brother$ tours.

 Music Junkie Press: You guys have traveled extensively on previous tours, what was your most favorite place to play?

 Michael:  Miami Beach, FL can’t get enough of home sweet home US of A

Monte:  Sydney, Australia and they have a great beach there Bondi Beach was always a pit stop.

Music Junkie Press:  When you guys were out on tour, what was the first thing you looked forward to when you got back?

Monte: Seeing my dogs again, and sleeping in my own bed

Michael : Getting back to a normal sleeping schedule and being able to occupy my own bathroom.

Music Junkie Press: What does Money Brothers have in store for us and can you tell us more about what the new music will be like?

Money Brother$:  We have a Money Brothers EP coming out in 2014 with new sounds breaking the mold for music that is always categorized a certain way. “Break Free” was a taste in utilizing different music and elements. Music from Money Brothers has no boundaries, because music has none since it is its’ own language that everyone can understand and interpret their own way.

Music Junkie Press: We cannot wait for the new EP.  You will have to keep teasing us with these great songs!! If we could peak into your Ipod, what artist or song would we be most surprised at finding in there?

Monte: Enigma – Return to Innocence

Michael:   Ace of Base

Music Junkie Press: LOVE IT!!!  What would be your wildest tour story ever?

Money Brother$: The most recent one is we woke up wondering why we were in the same city, and we were looking for our bus driver. Next thing we found out our bus driver had passed away. This actually happened on the last tour we were on.

Music Junkie Press: That is quite heavy for a tour story. So very sorry for your loss! Now let’s go back in time, how was it growing up? Did you both always have the same love for style of music?

Money Brother$:  We always liked the same kind of music. Our niches are different though which helps our writing in bringing well rounded music to everyone.

Michael: I always enjoyed everything from Yngwie Malmsteen to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I respect a lot of different music from all genres and different generations. I do have a fondness for EDM.

Monte:- I always enjoyed classic rock, my affinity for music was never really categorized because I enjoy all the greats like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Bobby Darin, Jimmy Hendrix, Van Halen, and I could go on and on since we literally grew up on musicals, soundtracks, world tours, music videos and more. We would watch world tours since we were like 5 or 6 years old because our mom was such a big fan of Michael Jackson and it was back then when I remember always wanting to do that.

Music Junkie Press:  When do you think we will be hearing more new music from Money Brother$?

Money Brother$: Happy New Year 2014 for sure!

Music Junkie Press:  Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

We look forward to bringing you the best of the best, brothers in music duo. Thank you for all of your support. After so many years of experience, we can offer some advice, which is time is precious so, make sure you love what you’re doing. It took us many years to see this dream come true, and we are happy you are all a part of it.


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We thank them for all their time and we cannot wait for the new EP in 2014! Their new song Break Free is so FUCKIN’ awesome that I need MORE! We congratulate them on the next chapter of their lives and can’t wait to hear more from this electrifying band!

~ Marisol

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  1. I love them. I think you two making your own band is perfect. Not only as two musically talented brothers but you both are damn cute. I am hoping you do a tour in 2014 and do a meet and great PLEASE

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