18th & Addison new album, Makeshift Monster is a pop punk/alt-rock treasure!

18th & Addison

Tomorrow is the day! Yes, one of our favorite alt/rock bands 18th & Addison from Toms River, NJ will be releasing their second studio album. Their 11 track new album titled Makeshift Monster is being released via their own label.  One thing is certain, this album will definitely have you declare it as a musical gem for fans of alternative, rock, pop, pop punk and more.  You just can’t help but feel the energy that these two bring to their music.


18th & Addison have garnered high praise as they have successfully brought together a blend of music influences and formed their own signature sound. The album starts off with their first single, War which you can watch the video here:

The album is full of infectious melodic tracks that takes you on a musical journey through emotions, relationships, love, loss and much more. The harmonious vocals of Kait and Tom is pure bliss as they define a perfect symbiotic musical relationship.  You are drawn into their emotive vocals that are dipped in a rich colorful spirit.

You can delve deeper into the raw emotion of their songs with tracks like Postcards, All and Everything, and Under the Water.  They truly create a connection to the listener, even as they crank up the energy as in Disaster by Design and Knives. 

Another highlight track for me is My Old Skin, it has emotionally driven lyrics that carries such a message of hope and newness. We have all had those feelings of wanting to just start over and move on. This is the song that you can have as your Go To track when you just want to leave your old skin behind. It is upbeat, uplifting and powerful.

Fix Me  is probably the most honest, soul baring track of them all. It is raw with a natural beauty to it, that is like the warm arms of a comforting hug. It speaks words to sooth your pain, sorrows, or feelings of loneliness. Truly a musical gem!

The 11 songs will take you on a ride and become the soundtrack of your summer. So make sure to pick up the album as it is released tomorrow. Or you can head over to iTunes and pre-order here.

~ Marisol

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