Ratinoff’s new single, Light Me Up, hits home as we share in neighborly frustrations

Photo Credit: Jen Rosenstein

Southern California based alt-rocker Ratinoff seems to capture our exact frustrations with our neighbors in his new track, Light Me Up. Ratinoff explains about the new track and how it ‘came out of frustration and anger’:

“With everybody spending a lot of time indoors and working and going to school from home, there were a few instances where my neighbors at the time were complaining that my rehearsing during the day was a distraction. It was starting to cause some trouble and that’s where the inspiration for the song came from.”

The song is set to release tomorrow, June 11th and is the first single from his upcoming album, LET IT OUT (due out Fall 2021 through CEN / The Orchard). The infectious and angsty track is sure to make it on your daily playlist.  I think I will have to blast it loud for our neighbors. Come on, after hearing Ratinoff, maybe they will quit complaining and join in loving some great new music!

More about the new track:

“Light Me Up” taps into the music that Ratinoff absorbed as a child.  Inspired by the likes of Joy Division, The Cure and Depeche Mode, the propulsive track bottles up the “eff you” attitude he was directing at his neighbors and infuses it with driving bass and drums, and sinewy synth and guitar lines that highlight his rich baritone. “The song to me is almost like an Anthem of Liberation,” he laughs.

You can check out the new song by watching their just released video for it:

Now that you are hooked you can pick up the new track here: https://orcd.co/o7wymdj. Ratinoff will be releasing his new album this fall. Make sure to visit the social media sites so you can stay up to date on all the latest news and information.

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