Check out the new track, 4th of July from Pat Scarlett

Just in time for the holiday weekend, alt pop artist Pat Scarlett has released the great summer track 4th of July. The song brings to life the easy going free spirit of a summer day. It has an ethereal aura that highlights soothing dreamy vocals that paint a picture of 4th of July.  Check out the track below:



About Pat:

Central figure, vocalist, guitarist and mastermind behind the project, Pat Scarlett, has maintained a shrouded profile since LOVECOMMISSION’s first EP, On the West Side, that dropped October 2016. The EP found its way onto rotation on scattered college radio stations across the U.S. and introduced a brand of alt-pop replete with synthy strings and gritty, orchestral guitar arrangements. There was no official release party or straightforward press. When asked about the band, where it came from, how it developed, what it is, his only response is, “listen to the music.” Now, the lead singer & principal songwriter for alt-pop project LOVECOMMISSION has ditched his admittedly amorphous pop project in favour of putting out his album himself, sans facade or frills.

“4th of July,” Scarlett’s first single, though reminiscent of the shoegazey noise-pop he produced with his LOVECOMMISSION project, takes his sound in a new direction. “4th of July”  is both sad and sweet, loud & delicate – an ode to love lost, and an affirmation of the exquisite that lurks within the ordinary.  “Feels like the 4th of July” he repeats, with the same bittersweet intensity that characterizes many of his refrains.  It would seem that “4th of July” marks the introduction of an artist with a unique musical sensibility who has truly come into his own.

Pat will be releasing a debut, full length album, Acid Dreams and War Machines. Make sure to visit the social media sites so you can stay up to date on the latest news about the album.

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