SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: JJ Wilde releases two new tracks, Home and Trouble

Our spotlight artist is one you have to know! JJ Wilde is a beautiful breath of fresh air to the rock and alternative scene. Her music carries the raw natural honesty that has been missing these days. Her voice is captivating and her charismatic energy comes to life when she performs. About JJ Wilde,

When someone asked JJ Wilde to choose between music and a relationship, there’s only ever been one answer: music. Music has permeated every part of JJ Wilde’s life since childhood, and it’s something she’s held closely: an unwavering connection she’s fought to foster.
But in 2018, Wilde came to a crossroads. At 26, she was working three jobs and had resigned to the idea that music might not work out for her, but she continued writing because that’s what she was born to do. By then, she amassed over 500 songs, some of which became the basis for her debut EP, Wilde Eyes and Steady Hands, out June 21st via BMG / Black Box.
Wilde may not have had a clear vision of what exactly Wilde Eyes and Steady Hands would look like, but she knew how she wanted it to feel.
“Before the writing trip I had thought about what I had to say, what my message was and that was to give an unfiltered, unapologetic point of view on my personal experiences, and really anything. I just wanted it to be raw,” says Wilde.
Wilde Eyes and Steady Hands is, in fact, a raw, unapologetic view of the world through the eyes of a 26- year-old woman, and a culmination of Wilde’s journey: raw, rough and full of brutal honesty. “I wanted to tell people who I am, so they could enjoy it…or not.”
Today JJ has released two new songs Home and Trouble. Take a listen and you will soon have them on repeat!


JJ is currently out on a massive tour with Jimmy Eats World. You can also pick up her debut EP, Wilde Eyes, Steady Hands.


Check out her video for the stellar track, Rush which is my favorite track of the EP:

Make sure to visit her social media sites so you can stay up to date on the latest news.

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