PREMIERE: Red Velvet Crush premieres impressive new track Forget Me Not

Photo Credit: Geula Justice Photography
Photo Credit: Geula Justice Photography


Red Velvet Crush are set to release their new EP, Crystal Clear this Friday.  The EP was recorded at Music Row in Nashville TN throughout the winter w/ producer Joshua Gleave and studio drums by Kelly Clarkson’s drummer Lester Estelle Jr. In anticipation of their new EP release, they are premiering their new single, Forget Me Not which completely rocks! Jillian comments about the new track,

Our new single “Forget-Me-Not” was actually the first song we ever wrote together, right as Red Velvet Crush began. It’s a song that represents someone saying how they will always be there for you and then one day it all just turns around for the worse. What happened to saying you’d be there for someone, you know? We’ve been playing this since we started as a band at live shows and it’s always a favorite for people; it was an automatic and collaborative YES to being on the record and we love the way it came to life. 

Take a listen to their new track:


The song is quite impressive as it highlights the incredible vocals of Jillian Riscoe that carry such emotion and depth. Daniel Mendala is right along there with fierce guitars that compliment the vocals. It will definitely grab your attention and have you wanting more of Red Velvet Crush. You can pre-order the new EP by heading over to iTunes here:

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We had the chance to catch up with Jillian as she tells us more of what is in store for Red Velvet Crush. Check it out here:

Music Junkie Press: We love the new song, “Forget-Me-Not”, you really bring out a great depth of emotion in your songs. How is it for you when you are recording them? Is it an emotional process as well?

Thank you; writing and recording are two different things. We write the songs as we process the feelings and situations they are about – in the studio there are so many possibilities to evolve the song in the best way you can.

Music Junkie Press: Red Velvet Crush is definitely heading into a new chapter, could you tell us more about what is in store for you all?

 “We’re releasing our brand new EP Crystal Clear May 20th, we are already in the process of writing another EP which will release later this year/early next year, we’ve added a full band for live shows, we plan on promoting online, through media, radio as well as some touring – the possibilities are endless though as to what’s next.”
Music Junkie Press: Your new EP Crystal Clear is set to release this Friday at your EP release, are you excited to be getting the new music out there and perform it for everyone?
Definitely. A few of the songs people will be familiar with as we’ve been playing in our acoustic sets over the past couple years (which sound much different nowadays.) Two of the songs we wrote prior to recording in Nashville which have a very unique sound for us which is part of the new chapter we are writing as Red Velvet Crush. It’s funny, we write all the time; it’s just what works for our vision of the band, it’s a nonstop growing process to be honest..we are still at the beginning of our story. 😉 
Music Junkie Press: What song are you most looking forward for everyone to hear and why?
All of them. They all have a contrasting sound from one another. Each has it’s own style, sound and story. 
Music Junkie Press: After your EP release, will you be doing more shows or a tour in support of the EP? Will you be heading out west anytime soon?
HELL YEEAAAHH!!! 😉 All in the works, we are working very hard to bring this nationwide as soon as possible. 
Music Junkie Press: We are very excited and can’t wait for new EP. Lastly is there anything else you would like to share with your fans?
To those who haven’t been there for us, you’ve made it crystal clear. To those who have continued to support what we do as Red Velvet Crush, we thank you.

You can catch Red Velvet Crush at their EP Release Party this Saturday, May 21st at The Riot Room in Kansas, Missouri. More details can be found on their Facebook Event Page. We can’t wait for them to head out West and catch them at their upcoming shows.  Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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