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Los Angeles/Berlin, Febr. 24th, 2021: One of the most successful punk bands of all times reports back this week, when The Offspring announce the release day for their new album – the first in almost 10 years! The 10th studio album of the Californians is called ‘Let The Bad Times Roll”. It will be released April 16th through Concord Records. Parallel to the album announcement the title track will be released this week. It can be streamed as of now.

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They are amongst the veterans and pioneers of the Southcalifornian punk rock-scene, sold way over 40 million records since their early days in the 80s, won several awards and circled the globe over and over. In the last decade alone they played over 500 celebrated live-shows. While their classics are still played a lot in cinema- and tv-productions, video-games and more, The Offspring – vocalist Dexter Holland, guitarist Noodles, drummer Pete Parada and new addition Tood Morse on bass – lately spent considerably more time in the studio to open the next chapter “Let The Bad Times Roll”.

The Offspring wrote and recorded the 12 new songs over several years, which in parts happened in their own studio in Huntington Beach and also in other locations. The record was produced by Bob Rock, like their prior records in 2008 and 2012.

The classic punk spirit also connects their newest songs, when The Offspring and vocalist Dexter Holland take a look at the recent developments and set their own view to music, being very outspoken about it. The title track was written in 2019 and recorded in 2020. It deals with the inner-political problems of the USA:

I have the feeling that we are at a special point of history, where leaders of great nations don’t say ‘we do our best’, but rather something like ‘screw it’ and that is pretty weird” (singer Dexter Holland on the latest turbulences)

Founding member and guitarist Noodles commented the single and album title:

“After all, people say that when everything goes down the drain, we should at least make the best of it – or make our departure at least loose and wild. ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’!”


Track list ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’

  1. This Is Not Utopia
  2. Let The Bad Times Roll
  3. Behind Your Walls
  4. Army of One
  5. Breaking These Bones
  6. Coming For You
  7. We Never Have Sex Anymore
  8. In The Hall of the Mountain King
  9. The Opioid Diaries
  10. Hassan Chop
  11. Gone Away
  12. Lullaby



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