Take a listen to RASPIN’s new 4/20 song “Smoke the Hookah!”

We have a song for you to check out on 4/20. It is the new song from RASPIN and it is Smoke the Hookah! Raspin Stuwart’s new release is a soulful reggae track which calls you to “get up and stand up”.

As we approach 4/20 this month, we celebrate with the new enlightened laws that have swept states such as California, Colorado and Washington. While we still have a journey ahead of us in so many other states to assert our God-given rights to live our ways of life as we wish, the momentum continues to build. Raspin’s “Smoke the Hookah” inspires us to “get up and stand up – stand up for your rights. These are human rights; we’ve got to fight so peacefully. Unite, people!” 

Check out the song here:


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