Don’t Miss Black Veil Brides with Special Guests Aiden and Ashestoangels


Hey Southern California, are you ready for two incredible nights of Black Veil Brides with special guests, Aiden and Ashestoangels? Hell Yes!! What an incredible lineup. The dates are October 22nd at the Majestic Ventura Theater in Ventura and October 23rd at The Observatory in Santa Ana.  This promises to be one hell of a show. We have been waiting to catch Ashestoangels live and we are very excited for the return of Aiden.

Make sure to pick up your tickets at Also don’t forget that Black Veil Brides will be performing at this year’s Aftershock Festival on October 24th. Black Veil Brides have been enjoying another highly successful year after winning Album of the Year at the APMAs. They recently released their Alive and Burning DVD/Blue Ray which has topped the charts at the #1 spot. In addition, earlier this year they celebrated their fifth anniversary of their debut full length album, We Stitch These Wounds.  They continue to dominate with their straight up rock and roll and have made a name for themselves that will continue to bring them to legendary status. Their live performances are unrivaled and they have a fiercely dedicated fanbase.


It was just last year when we interviewed William Control at Slim’s in San Francisco and we discussed Aiden and possible return. It was only a matter of time and we are glad to see the return of Aiden. We have been so excited in anticipation of the dates for The Last Sunrise Tour in which Aiden will be performing Nightmare Anatomy in its entirety. So when I heard they were added to these shows, I was ecstatic! Check out that interview with William from SF:

We are so glad to see Ashestoangels on these dates. We first discovered last year when we became instantly hooked on their album, Horror Cult. They energy they bring to their music and their album will haunt you in a very good way as you have it on repeat for days on end. Check out their video for Bury Us In Black:

I will leave you with some pictures of Black Veil Brides from Warped Tour this summer and some videos from their live sets over the years:


Black Veil Brides Video Playlist:


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