VIDEO ALERT: Roses Unread release new video for their powerful track, After All


Roses Unread have recently released a music video for their powerful track, After All. The song is off their Vultures EP and it is a great one! Vocalist Allison tells us more about the video,

Yes, we have a brand new video entitled After All, which is our second single off of the Vultures EP. It was released earlier in the year. We actually had a show of ours filmed by Justin Talley, AKA-Seiji. It was filmed in our home town, Jackson, TN at a bar/venue called The Naked Turtle. We had a lot of friends, family (fans) come out and be in the video with us. We also filmed a part of it on my swing in my front yard where I write all my poetry and lyrics. It’s a very personal song and video.


The song is a great track and you can’t help but feel the energy and passion as Allison sings. We can only imagine hard it was to capture all of that in the recording. Allison explains about the recording process, 

The whole process is emotional because sometimes I have to channel back to when I first wrote the song. It’s hard revisiting the past at times so it makes it that much more emotional in the studio.

Check out the video here:


It is a great video and highlights the adrenaline fueled in the live performances that Roses Unread bring to the stage. They do have a couple upcoming shows that you will have to get out to and feel the energy in person!

They are playing in Memphis, Tn on July 21st at the Stage Stop and playing the Hi-tone in Memphis July 28.

Allison went on to tell us what is next for Roses Unread:

We are in the studio again, writing and working with our producer David Cowell. We already have a few skeletons in our closet, tricks up our sleeves, and a lot of new things coming soon.

We wrapped up our quick chat asking if there is anything else they would like to share with our audience and their fans?

I want to thank Music Junkie Press for always supporting Roses Unread. You guys are awesome!


Thank you guys! We love supporting great hard working bands who have what it takes to keep the metal and hard rock alive. Roses Unread is just that band. They have the sound and passion in their music. When they bring their talent to the stage and once unleashed, everyone is rocking out! We hope they will plan some West Coast shows in the future.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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