Architects reveal new song ‚Modern Misery’

Architects keep the new songs coming. Less than two weeks before the release of ‘Holy Hell’, one of UK’s most successful Metal acts, introduces a new video for the song ‘Modern Misery’:

Just last week the band released a short film about the making of the record, their live performance at the sold-out Alexandra Palace in London and how they cope with the loss of their late band member Tom Searle, that died of cancer in 2016. Architects is a band for over 13 years now, they have released seven albums with Tom being their main song-writer. With their latest releases the band showed that they learned a lot over the years from Tom. ‘Holy Hell’ will mirror the current band members Sam Carter (vocals), Dan Searle (drums), Josh Middleton (guitar), Alex Dean (bass) and Adam Christianson (guitar). Some songs are based on tracks Tom had starting working on. The record deals with the loss and everything that comes with. So once again, it’ll be a very personal record. Check out the film here:

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Track list:


01. Death is Not Defeat
02. Mortals After All
03. Hereafter
04. Damnation
05. Holy Hell
06. Dying to Heal
07. Seventh Circle
08. Royal Beggars
09. Modern Misery
10. Wasted Hymn


For early 2019 the band already announced a European/UK tour. Tickets are selling fast. Don’t miss Architects live.

For more information on the band, follow their social media.

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