VIDEO ALERT: Make sure to watch my new favorite music video – Blue October’s “I Hope You’re Happy”


Music heals. I couldn’t give a more truer example than my love for Blue October’s new video for “I Hope You’re Happy”. I have been struggling each day with the loss of our home and business in the Santa Rosa firestorm last October. It has taken quite some time for me to adjust to this new normal. Of course I turned to music to help me. Blue October’s new video hit the spot for me. The spectacular video and it’s cinematic flair was the perfect escape from my endless rut.

The upbeat song truly highlights the band’s unwavering evolution as they continue to deliver music to satisfy their dedicated fans as well as creating a new fanbase with their fresh sound. Check out the new video here:


Make sure to visit their social media sites and check out the upcoming tour dates for Blue October and get yourself to a show. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, “I cannot express enough how Blue October songs contain some of the most soul touching, energy charging, heartfelt, inspirational, rockin, personal music out today. Their music has been the soundscape for so many lives and have helped carried many through their hardest times, been there for times of celebration, a release for frustration and pent up emotions or just to simply provide melodies and harmonies in perfect song.”

In case you missed it before, you can also check out our interview with Justin from 2017:





~ Marisol

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