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HEY VIOLET release new song Close My Eyes and catch them kick off their tour in SF on May 28th!

May 24, 2019

Hey Violet have just released an addictive new song, Close My Eyes which is now available on Hi or Hey/Capitol Records. It is now available for streaming and purchase from all digital partners. Rena Lovelis explains more about the new song, “’Close My Eyes’ is essentially about living in a fantasy land. It’s about the idea of still wanting to be with an ex who has already moved on. There’s definitely a level of denial that goes into being in that sort of headspace because you’re basically rejecting the present reality and not allowing yourself to move forward. The song sounds very calm and chill but in the lyrical content there’s an air of tension because of that refusal to accept things as they are.” “Close My Eyes,” which was written by Hey Violet with Sean Kennedy, Tim Anderson, and Aron Forbes (the latter two who co-produced), is the second of four new tracks the band is set to release throughout the spring and summer. The first, “Better By Myself,” was released in April, along with an [Read More]

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Resiste by Eljuri: amazing music in a career of amazing music.

May 19, 2019

  Patrick O’Heffernan I have been sitting with Eljuri’s new album Resiste for a couple of weeks, listening to it over and over.  There is so much here – so many layers of music and meaning,  so satisfying and yet so intriguing.  Built around Eljuri’s guitar mastery and hypnotic voice and subtitled La Colección Reggae de ELJURI,  the album blends reggae, heart, joy, at times otherworldliness, and irrepressible dance rhythms. It is simply spectacular.   “Reggae music unites us… it takes away your troubles and makes you feel good” Cecilia Villar Eljuri says, pointing to the global love for the music of Jamaica and its ability to get people on their feet together regardless of their antagonisms.  But this is who she is:  born in Guayaquil Ecuador and raised in New York City,  she moves naturally among cultures, languages, and genres, pulling together people in her wake. She spins out songs that that mirror the experiences of her life and, increasingly, of so many others. One of the top Latinx guitar players in the world, [Read More]


The Word Alive – Anniversary tour 2019 – with Aviana, Of Virtue and Make Them Suffer in Munich at the Backstage Halle (05/09/2019)

May 17, 2019

Phoenix-based Band The Word Alive formed in 2008. In 2009 they already signed to Fearless Records and later that year the band released their debut EP ‘Empire’. Fast forward 10 years and here we are. The band is currently on a anniversary tour run, which they started with a few dates in the US, followed now by an extensive European/UK run, which includes a performance at the famous Slam Dunk festival on May 25th/26th in the UK. Anniversary tours always promise to be something special, no exception with The Word Alive. They brought a huge set-list with them that included 17 songs from every era of their career. Over the last few weeks the band asked the fan via social media which songs they’d love to hear live and made clear, that for some songs it’ll the be the last time to be performed live, esp. the early songs. The tour line-up this time was a bit diverse with Make Them Suffer as arguably a pretty heavy band being the ‘odd one out’ that night. [Read More]

New Music

Hold On Tight, Spencer Krasch Is Back! Check out his cinematic rock video for Golden Legs!

May 17, 2019

  We have some exciting news to share with all of our rock n roll lovers. One of our favorite singers is back and ready to take you on a wild ride with his new video.  Spencer Krasch released a cinematic epic music video for his kick ass song, Golden Legs this week.  He comments about the video: I had never seen a rock video in the 1700’s era before, and never seen a rock video with a horse chase scene, so that is what really made me want to do this style video. I was completely motivated to try and give the people who love my music something they could be proud of supporting, and I am no where near finished yet. This is not an end, but the first step in my comeback to music. I have more tricks hidden up my sleeve. Originally this video was going to have an equal girl:girl:guy ratio, but I decide that the video would be much more enjoyable without all the other guys. Check out the [Read More]


Rising Appalachia’s Ley Lines blends cultures and harmonies into pure bliss

May 13, 2019

  Patrick O’Heffernan The word “ley lines” was coined in 1921 by the amateur English archaeologist Alfred Watkins, describing the apparent alignments among historical and geological spaces, hypothesizing that they had persisted over millennia to facilitate travel, trade and community. Later, others theorized that global ley lines exist to transmit energy and light from the sun and stars to create magical bliss in spaces for sacred healing rituals. All of which is a good introduction to the music of Rising Appalachia and their just released 7th studio album, Ley Lines. The album brings stellar energy, blissful melody and a healing message for the soul and the earth.   The Atlanta-based sisters Chloe and Leah Smith have traveled the world , touring by sailboat, train, and van, to fill venues and festivals in the US, Canada and Europe, and participate in cultural exchange programs in Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, and Central and South America.  Along the way they have absorbed the rhythms, melodies and the emotions of many cultures. This enables them to seamlessly blend American roots music with Celtic [Read More]