Interview with Justin of Blue October ahead of their stellar performance at The Fillmore in San Francisco


Earlier this week we headed to the legendary Fillmore as Blue October brought the Heart Go Bang Tour to San Francisco. We have impatiently waited for this date to arrive. See, Blue October was not just another band for us to cover, they are a band that had provided the playlist to my life’s ups and downs for the past 20 years. Most recently in March, during my Mother’s hospice care at home, she would lay next to me and listen to Blue October, nearly silent for days, yet show would respond and tell me she liked the songs. Her favorite during that time, The Feel Again, (Stay).  What a heavy song and yet, I truly clutched to those words… Stay… selfishly I wanted more time with her.  After she passed away, I could feel the dark depression setting in as it had with my Father 5 years earlier. But I turned to music and once again to Blue October.

Their latest album, Home which shot up the charts to a No. 1 spot on the Billboard’s Top Rock Albums was there to pick me up. It uplifted me and empowered me to focus on all the beauty of my life and gave me the confidence to continue on from the dark times of loss. The album is a stellar musical gem that breathes new life into the listener.  We couldn’t wait to hear the songs again live at The Fillmore.

Shortly before the show, we had a chance to chat with Justin and talk about the album, his sobriety, the tour, and new music on the horizon.

We are pleased to share the interview with you here.

Blue October hit the stage after a great performance by Harvard of the South. The show was a spectacular one as they played fan favorites and many new tracks off Home. Justin captured the crowd’s attention with every note he sang, delivering pure raw emotion with each note. Say It is always a personal favorite for me and it truly kicked ass this night. It was non-stop energy as the crowd sang along to song after song. You could feel the positive energy race through the crowd as it exhilarated the listener and invited them to live their life to the fullest. During Fear, you could witness the weight of the struggles and worries that the crowd was carrying, as it lifted away and was replaced with hope.

One thing that you can’t help but acknowledge, is that the band sounds solid and powerful. They bring 150% of themselves to that stage each and every night. Their is an unbreakable cohesion among the band that projects with each song, It is so rewarding to see how phenomenal the band has flourished and they continue to have a bright future ahead.  Check out the photos from our Rockin Ryan:



Visit their social media sites and check out the upcoming tour dates for Blue October and get yourself to a show. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, “I cannot express enough how Blue October songs contain some of the most soul touching, energy charging, heartfelt, inspirational, rockin, personal music out today. Their music has been the soundscape for so many lives and have helped carried many through their hardest times, been there for times of celebration, a release for frustration and pent up emotions or just to simply provide melodies and harmonies in perfect song.”

Lastly, Blue October is on the verge of having their 10th Top 40 Hit of their career, as I Want It is teetering around #42. So make sure to pick up the track, call your local radio station and request I Want It.  You can pick up their album by heading over to iTunes here or check out their website for more outlets.

~ Marisol

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