AM TAXI’s new album, Shiver By Me, is sure to warm you up!


With the arrival of the Polar Vortex, it has sent extreme frigid conditions across America. Hopefully those affected are curled up at home. If so, we have the perfect album to warm you up! AM Taxi have just released their new album, Shiver By Me and it is spectacular from start to finish. It delivers exactly what we have been craving; their infectious blend of punk rock that is sure to rejuvenate your spirit.

We were first introduced to AM Taxi and were mesmerized by their performance at Slim’s in San Francisco opening for The Spill Canvas. With the release of their new album, we can proclaim that we are just as hooked as that first night. They have returned with a sound that is addictive in every sense of the word.   Check out one of our fave tracks, Harpoon, that just screams that addictive AM Taxi sound:

As many bands come and go experimenting or changing their style and sound to become unrecognizable, and more seem to stray from what everyone loves. Not AM Taxi. With their new album, they have given us exactly what we love: more AM Taxi that thrives with passion. This album truly captures the live energy that we all crave from AM Taxi. When asked about how they are able to capture that energy and passion, they explained,

We again recorded all the instruments live. We used a big room and all of the amps were not completely isolated. Give it a real live sound. 

We wanted to know what was a highlight from the recording:

One of the highlights was recording Saint Jane. It was the end of the day in the studio and we only had an hour or two left. I had just written the song and none of the guys had heard it. We were hanging out in the control room and I played it for them on acoustic guitar. We then went into the live room, I plugged that acoustic guitar into my amp, and we recorded it. I think was maybe take three.


WOW! That is truly a highlight. Saint Jane is one of my favorite tracks of the song. Check it out here:

We asked them weeks ahead of this Polar Vortex, what they would like to tell their fans and out audience about the record and they explained,  “It’s a winter record, hopefully it keeps them warm.” So I hope you head over to their site and make sure to download it now. You can stream, buy or download by heading here. 

We have had the album on repeat for a while now and there is no way we can pick out a favorite track. Depending on my mood or the time of day a new song becomes our fave. Today, we were deep in appreciation of   L’patron as it carries a range of innocence and vulnerability.

Movie About Your Life will have you grinning ear to ear with its infectious fun style. Swim Before You Sink (Short Time on Earth) has a superb blend of 50’s rockabilly and punk rock vibes. They bring to life a nostalgic tone, yet wrapped with modern flair.

When you listen to the storytelling song of Brandy, Don’t Let Me Down it will grab a hold of you and bring you into the story as you are instantly singing along and rooting for him to get to his destination.  The album ends with the final track of Warsaw Blues, and it is the perfect way to close out the album with a sweet goodbye, nostalgic vibe that is sure to warm your heart.

They are going to be celebrating the album with a record release show at Reggies on February 8th! Facebook Event page:





AM Taxi is:

  • Adam Krier – Vocals, Guitar
  • Chris Smith – Drums, Back Ups
  • Jason Schultejann – Bass
  • Jay Marino – Guitar, Back Ups


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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