Black Oxygen breathes life into The American Dream

Photo by Dave Gillispie
Photo by Dave Gillispie

It is Monday night and are you ready to get hooked on an KILLER Rock Band??? Sit back, relax and breathe  in the fresh new life of Black Oxygen!  Holy Shit, these guys are amazing. They have a sound that is definitely of their own and it reminds me of a blend of Stone Temple Pilots and Puddle of Mudd. Founder David Lyle not only is an amazing singer/songwriter but also the lead guitarist. Then you have bad ass Jordan Myer on bass and solid drumming by David’s younger brother Nick Lyle. These three guys create a powerful trio that has a big sound that will have you take notice.

Black Oxygen released their full length debut album, “The American Dream” that has so many great songs on it that it will continue stay on the charts. Their first single, Take It To The Limit just grabs a hold of you and infuses their rock n roll into your veins. You are hooked now my friends, so just enjoy the ride.  You can check out their video for Take It To The Limit here:


Black Oxygen has been very busy touring and everyone is taking notice of them and giving them the attention they deserve. They recently just finished up a tour with one of our favorite bands, Pop Evil.  Now it is time for you to check them out and pick up their album. If you do, make sure to pick up their Deluxe Version and their Acoustic Version. Both will be on your daily playlist! Some of my highlights are Believe, Insane, The American Dream, Tonight, and I can go on and on!  I hope they head out on the road again soon and come to California! We need the true rock n roll of Black Oxygen! Right now I am going to crank up Take It To the Limit, so join me~

Black Oxygen


I will see when I can bring you an interview with this bad ass band because I know you want to know more abou them!

~ Marisol

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