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Hailing from Denmark is the rockers The Aparate Project. The four member band features singer and keyboard player Martin Guldberg, guitarist John Theodor Thomsen, bass player Christian Højer-Pedersen and drummer Martin Helsing. They will capture your attention with their infectious melodic classic rock. They have just released their latest single, Lean Upon You which is a song about the agony of lost love. You can check out the track and the lyrics here:

Lean Upon You is the fourth single and is garnering them high praise for their infectious indie rock. You can pick up the single by heading over to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more. Head over to their website at: for more details.

Another great track to check out is Butterfly Dreams. It brings out lyrics that capture your attention as you reflect on the uncertainty of where you are but then invites you to grab ahold, spread your wings, fly and enjoy the journey.

The song plays with the idea of waking up after dreaming of being a butterfly. But reality seems to have changed in the awake state which causes quite a bit of confusion. The question is: are you a human dreaming of being a butterfly or are you indeed a butterfly dreaming of being a human?!

Woke up in darkness feeling strange

what could have happened, something changed

I tried to sleep again but felt so scared

that I would vanish into air…

Butterfly Dreams was partly inspired by the old Chinese philosopher and poet Chuang Tzu’s poem The Butterfly Dream. Chuang Tzu (c. 369 BC – c. 286 BC). Check out the single here in a video that highlights the cover art:

The band draws you in with their emotionally driven, thought provoking lyrics and catchy tunes. You can’t help but feel the passion that they have for their music as it feeds your soul and awakens your senses.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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