City of Fallen Kings is going to be an amazing new rock band!

It is time to get excited about a great new rock project, City of Fallen Kings.  It will feature three amazing musicians/artists; Brett Hestla, Will Hunt, and Elliott Ecton. These three guys history includes Dark New Day, Evanescence, Device, Signum A.D., Virgos Merlot, Creed, Black Label Society, Skrape, and Methods of Mayhem and many more. So now you know they mean business and they definitely can deliver!

They have announced a Kickstarter campaign where you can help send City of Fallen Kings into the studio. I have always been a strong believer in the Kickstarter campaigns where you can directly  help your favorite musicians and become part of the process. In today’s age of music, bands have to take charge on their own t make things happen.  So if you want to keep listening to great new bands and new rock, then you have to be part and support the music scene. What better way than making a pledge and you can get some cook rewards in return. There is a variety of rewards that can fit anyone’s budget from EP, T-Shirts, signed drum head, autographed guitar and even a chance to become the executive producer!!

So make sure to head over to their Kickstarter page and join City of Fallen Kings in the making of their new EP!  We will keep you updated and see if we can bring you an interview so we can find out more of what City of Fallen Kings has in store for us!

~ Marisol

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