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A couple weeks ago we told you about our first Thirsty Thursday spotlight bands, Faith and Bullets.  Our Thirsty Thursday features a young new band that is thirsty to rock and has the power to  make it happen. You can read our post here.

Who is Faith and Bullets? It was started by guitarist, Rikk Alexander and then added vocalist; Stevie Meyhem, rhythm guitarist; Cody Gadomski and bassist Abel Lynch. They are still working on adding the drummer and meanwhile have Jason Guidry as their studio and session drummer. We had the pleasure of interviewing Faith and Bullets and are pleased to bring that interview with you  here:

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Music Junkie Press: We are really excited to hear your music and to see that Rock and Roll is alive and well! Tell us how Faith and Bullets started?

Rikk: Well after playing most of 2011-2012 with pretty much my first real band, Mr Rogers, the founder decided to call it quits. I wanted to get back out and play again so I decided to join a local band called Beautiful Remains. Things weren’t really going as quick as I would have liked so I decided to break off and start my own project.

Music Junkie Press:  Well Rikk, we are sure glad you decided to do your own project, because you guys KICK ASS! You guys are young rockers! When did you first start playing your instruments?

Rikk: started guitar at 9

Cody: started at 8

Stevie: started piano at 5

Abel: started at 13

Jason: started at 18

Music Junkie Press: What was your first concert you ever went to?

Rikk: Tears for Fears

Cody: Queensryche

Stevie: Rush

Abel: Michael Shenker

Jason: Eagles

Music Junkie Press: Those are some great concerts! You definitely have a vibrant level of 80’s rock inspiring you! What three bands inspired you most?

Rikk: We are all inspired by many different bands but I think the three we all agree on no matter what are:

  • Guns N Roses
  • Cinderella
  • Dokken

 Music Junkie Press: You just named three of my favorite bands!! We actually interviewed Tom Keifer of Cinderella earlier this year, you can check it out here.How is the new music coming along? Do you guys have a song writing process?

Rikk: The new music is coming along good. We are currently writing two new songs! We pretty much write all the time! As for our process…Cody or I will have a riff that sounds cool and we’ll just elaborate on the music and then Stevie will write lyrics to the music. We finish up with bass and drums.

Music Junkie Press: We are excited to see what you guys have in store for us! If we could peak into your IPod, what artist or song might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Rikk: Blondie

Cody: Justin Timberlake

Stevie: Nsync

Abel: Great White

Jason: BeeGees

Music Junkie Press: I think I have a little of all of them on my Ipod, especially BeeGees  and Blondie! What would your dream lineup be if Faith & Bullets went out on tour? What three bands (living or dead) would be on the lineup?

Rikk: Again that’s a hard choice to make, we would all love to play with so many people but the band all agrees on:

  • Guns N Roses
  • Motley Crue
  • Ratt

Music Junkie Press: How about gear favorite, what one piece of gear is your most favorite and a must have?

Rikk: My guitar

Cody: Stiff picks

Stevie: Mic

Abel: D2g Pedal

Jason: Pearl Signature Piccolo Snare

 Music Junkie Press: If you could tell me two secrets about each of you, what would it be?

Rikk: Can’t stand facial hair/ dusty equipment

Cody: Has Bieber Fever/ Low T-Levels hahahaha

Stevie: Justin Timberlake Fan

Abel: None I’m an open book lol

Jason: It’s a secret lol, he won’t tell

 Music Junkie Press: So Rikk how about dust on facial hair? That would drive you nuts right? Yikes Cody you have to get some antibiotics for that fever quick! Stevie, how can you not love Justin? Abel, you better tell us when you have a good one and Jason, we will find out! lol  Lastly, what would you like to share with our audience?

Rikk: What we would like to share with your audience is that Rock N Roll is back! Be ready for some kick ass music and a hell of a good time!

 * * * * * *

Make sure to visit their social media sites and follow this band along their upcoming journey to bring their rock n roll to you! We will see if we can bring you an interview with the band.We are excited for all the new music that Faith and Bullets will be bringing to us.

~ Marisol

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