New video released by Danish rockers, Forever Still for Scars

Photo by Lars Winther Schmidt
Photo by Lars Winther Schmidt

Hailing from Copenhagen, Demark is Forever Still and these fierce rockers are ready to take over the music scene with their female fronted rock band. In a time when the music scene is suffering such an identity crisis and people are busy placing labels and genres on a band’s music, along comes along Forever Still and is breaking the mold of Rock and Roll. Their intense sound can take you from catchy melodies, passionate vocals to smoldering guitars and energetic drumming. The stunning vocals of Maja brings such intensity to their songs, she has quite a vocal range and is spectacular at creating the connection to the listener.

Cover Art Scars Single

Forever Still has just released a video for their song, Scars and it really highlights the intense energy that this band brings out. Their passion for music fuels the adrenaline that they release on stage. Check it out here:

The song is about some very violent and dark emotions, and we wanted the video to reflect that” says front woman Maja Schønning. “So we went down into this really creepy, flooded basement and shot the main part of the video there. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but neither was the events that inspired this song. I feel like we captured the essence of it really well”

Now that you are hooked on their new song, you can download it for free at the band’s website: Make sure to tell all your friends about this awesome band. The band has recently recruited two new members and is playing their first show with this lineup on October 18 at High Voltage in Copenhagen. I will see if we can bring you an interview with Forever Still. 

~ Marisol

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