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“Too many people settle for ordinary lives when they are extraordinary people” – That is one of my most favorite pieces of advice and it came from my interview with Tryg Littlefield of Fall From Grace. Fall From Grace is a five piece Rock band hailing from Seattle. They recently toured with Saving Abel and we had a chance to catch up with Tryg Littlefield; vocals and rhythm guitar for the band. These guys bring so much energy and emotion into their songs that leave the listener with a deeper connection to them. I really enjoy their music and look forward to seeing them out on the road.

We will have our full audio interview on the webzine but until then, I wanted to share some of the interview with you all.

Music Junkie Press:      I understand you recently released your third full length album called The Romance Years. I have to tell you I love it. I have listed to it and loved it! I love what I hear on this album. You actually bring your experiences true to life with your music. What can you tell us about the new album?

Tryg Littlefield:        The new album is a little different from what we normally have done before. In 2009, we took some time, and we spent about over a year and a half in the studio to refine our sound and define our new direction. It was a little bit of a labor of love, and had a little bit of a line up change. I believe we are both stronger and better than we have ever been.

Music Junkie Press:     After listening to it, it is filled with so many great songs and it is hard to pick a favorite. For me, some of my favorites are The Resurrection, Great Expectations and of course 18 and Out.  Is there any particular song on this album that you feel more deeply connected to than others.

Tryg Littlefield:      That is a really good question. That is difficult for me because each song on that record is like asking a Mom what is your favorite child out of 12 different kids. To be perfectly honest, I love them all equally. I lean to different ones at different times, depending on my mood. I honestly love all 12 of them and can’t even tell you which is my favorite.

Music Junkie Press:    We always talk about how music heals the soul and it helps so many people to get through whatever they are struggling with. When you are recording and working on your music does it provide you with an emotional release?

Tryg Littlefield:   I am glad you asked that question. Our goal is to listen to our music and what we are creating, we want to create an emotional response. We try to find a subject matter that encompasses what that sound is  or what that song represents and then we write the lyrics on that subject. Most of the times, but sometimes the lyrics write the song to it.

Music Junkie Press:     Do you have any specific memories of music helping you through certain situations or a time where a certain song can change your mood or affected you deeply.

Tryg Littlefield:        Absolutely, our second album “Covered in Scars”, that record was like my therapy. I was going through a really, really hard time in my personal life and I wrote in a journal. I wrote poetry. I was in a really hard place and in that book I wrote all my poetry to the point where the last song on the record “Set Me Free”   was actually a  suicide note that  I had written.  My guitarist Bryan had talked me into utilizing those words in a song and it was a really hard record for me to listen to do but it saved my life.  So absolutely helped me or I wouldn’t be here today.

Music Junkie Press:    Well believe me, we are all glad you are here. I can tell that when I hear your music and lyrics, it brings an emotional response. I know a lot of teens that I have shared the music and they say it speaks to them .It truly does. I think that is important today for a band  that can help connect and bring something from it, a positive. I have to congratulate you all on that. You guys did a beautiful job. What type of advice could you give young musicians who are just starting out and looking to get serious.  They have a hard time forming bands and need advice to continue on.

Tryg Littlefield:    To give young bands advice, I would tell them to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid.  Keep doing it. It takes time to make it happen. Don’t give up. A) Know what you are looking for and B) What your talents are and C) What is your genre and the sound you want?  If you stick with it, it will happen. I have been in a band since I was in the 9th or 10th grade and it has been a long time. I am surrounded by my closest friends that I can call my family. If you stick with it and stick with the right people, write some good songs and don’t be afraid to push yourself. But always stick to your guns. Don’t give up. Too many people give up and they settle for ordinary lives when they are extraordinary people.

Well said Tryg. That is a quote everyone should listen to regardless of where or what they are pursuing. I know that the moment I heard that; it settled in my mind as something to remind me to always pursue what I wanted and never give up.

Talk about an extraordinary guy and a great band. I hope you all have the chance to check out Fall From Grace.  If you were lucky enough to see them Tour with Saving Abel, please let us know how it was and share some stories and photos with us. This is a band to be on the lookout for, they are rising to the top. Their music will definitely have you rocking out and anticipating when you can see them live.  So please check out the links below and spread the news about this band.

~ Marisol

Fall From Grace is: Tryg Littlefield, Brian Olson, Justin Mcdonald, Ty Mcdonald, Jesse Smith





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