Steel Panther releases new video for “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of the World”


It is Friday  night and it is time for Rock n Roll and time to PARTY, right?? You can check out the new video released by Steel Panther for their Rockin song, “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” but be warned…. 18+ please!


If you are not familiar with Steel Panther don’t watch if you think you are just going to see an ’80s rock style band with a cool video. Steel Panther may be completely politically incorrect but I will admit…. I LOVE THEM!!!  This video contains nudity, profanity, sex, drugs and rock and roll.   But what else would you do on the eve of the world ending??? So check it out….


So now that you LOVE that song, you can pick it up on Itunes here. We will be catching Steel Panther next Saturday at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.  So we will bring you more details next week. I will leave you with a slide show of the photos our Rockin Ryan took from Aftershock Festival 2013 in September. They were incredible. Love their high energy, stage antics and just down right FUN!!

~ Marisol

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