Jesus Jones release new video for new single, “Where Are All the Dreams?” off their upcoming album, Passages


One of my favorite bands from the 90’s Jesus Jones are gearing up for the release of their new album Passages. This album will be the first new material in sixteen years and we just can’t wait for it! The album is set for release this Friday, April 20th and you can head over to and order it.

Jesus Jones have just released a new video for the second single, “Where Are All the Dreams?” and it is a personal favorite.  The video features footage taken from: US tour, Autumn 1990: San Francisco, LA, Salt Lake, Phoenix, and more. I can remember that tour like it was yesterday since as I mentioned, they are one of my favorite bands. They played at the DNA Lounge and we had waited in a long line for a signing at the record store ahead of the show.  I had my favorite pair of ripped up jeans and had the guys all sign it. I had held on to that pair of jeans for over 25 years and kept it in our memorabilia collection along with a setlist from their Warfield show with Stereo MC’s a couple years later.  Well, as many of you know we lost it all as well as our home and business in the Santa Rosa fires last October. But I still can remember those jeans and even Iain’s signature with the words “Sweet Cheeks” and a smiley face!  So when I watched the video it took me right back to those shows and gave me a sweet reminder of those wonderful times.  Check out the video here:



If you haven’t already, check out their first single “Suck It Up” which features a video of their recent show at the Claygate Music Festival,9th March 2018. They sound incredible and have picked up right where they left off.



Make sure to pick up their new album and visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news and upcoming show dates.

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