Mayday Parade release new single “Thunder”

Alternative band Mayday Parade have released their new energetic single “Thunder”, before they started touring last Friday at the Sad Summer Fest. The song was produced by multi platinum-producer Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount and is taken from their 2021 studio album “What It Means To Fall Apart”.

„Thunder” is a song I wrote about being in a long-term relationship, feeling like at times the fire is gone but that it’s still worth holding onto. Don’t give up! All relationships are tough but the good ones are worth it.“

Brooks Betts (guitarist)

Mayday Parade will be on tour with their energetic shows for the rest of the year. They’ll also play on all three When We Were Young festivals in Las Vegas in the fall. For further tour info go to

For their 7th studio album “What It Means To Fall Apart” Mayday Parade have been working together again with producers/collaborators Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount. The album follows their 2018 album “Sunnyland”, which reached over 82+ million streams and lead the band to five continents. Since their debut album “A Lesson In Romantics” in 2007, which was awarded with GOLD, the band sold over 1,7 million copies in the USA alone and their worldwide fanbase grew steadily.

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