Shining the Spotlight on Steve Kilbey and his new solo album, Eleven Women

Steve Kilbey released a new solo album in September and it is a must to listen to! He released Eleven Women, a collection is at once whimsical yet personal. About the album,

The album leads us through a shimmering whirlwind of encounters. After the disarming love song Baby Poe’ we are plunged headlong into the dark world of Doris McAllister,’ an evil witch who takes us ‘by the bells’. We are regaled by the Celtic wistfulness of Josephine’ as she forbiddingly awaits her ‘wine & roses’ while ‘Birdeen,’ a greedy lorikeet with a sweet tooth, beguiles us with infectious bounce & color.

Eleven Women is full of melodic invention & lyrical surprises. Singling out tracks for special mention is frankly impossible since this album consists entirely of highlights. Amongst these however the timelessly beautiful  Think of You’ shines brightly. This song has the unmistakeable stamp of eternity & evokes a sense of having existed since music began.

Kilbey released a video for his song, Sheba Chiba and it truly captures his signature vocals and compelling lyrics.The video brings to life a nostalgic retro vibe. Check out the video here:

The song is from his new solo album Eleven Women available now on all streaming platforms (Release Date September 4th). A North American CD and vinyl release date will be announced soon.

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