Thunderor – new single released today – their debut album will be out tomorrow

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Thunderor is an 80’s inspired heavy rock/metal band formed in 2020 by Skull Fist band members JJ Tartaglia and Jonny Nesta and Oscar Rangel (ex-Annihilator) on bass. The Canadian power trio delivers stadium-ready songs with an irrepressible drive. Massive drums, lightning-fast guitar licks, dreamy synths, and penetrating vocals form the musical framework that defines Thunderor. Their debut album FIRE IT UP will be released on February 25th, 2022, accompanied by a Europe/UK tour (tour dates coming soon).

Meanwhile the band is already celebrating tomorrow’s release of their debut album, “Fire It Up” with a “yacht video” worth seeing!


The first single, “How We Roll”, was released at the end of last year.

Since 2019, drummer JJ Tartaglia felt like he was looking for a new challenge. Having been a member of several prominent metal bands over the last decade and basically mainly a heavy metal fan, it was time to push his quest even further. He wanted to share his vision, his feeling… a message he could only convey with his own voice. Fueled by this, JJ began work on drum arrangements and piano pieces that would form the framework of the Thunderor songs. With longtime bandmate Jonny Nesta on guitar and JJ also composing on keys and vocals, songwriting quickly took off in 2020, and material for an entire album emerged. A close friend and monster bass player, Oscar Rangel, was then signed and the line-up was complete. The band then spent the next year recording the album on their own in an authentic manner.


“Fire It Up” tracklist:

1) Fire It Up (5:12)
2) How We Roll (4:14)
3) All or Nothing (4:31)
4) Dangerous Times (5:24)
5) Thunderor (4:32)
6) On the Run (4:04)
7) Into the Storm (1:34)
8) We Can Make It (4:21)
9) Cold Tears (5:17)


Pre-order the new record HERE.

For more information on the band, follow their social media:

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