CrashDiet re-releases original demo from 2003, limited supply!


One of, if not the best Glam Metal bands out today, CrashDiet is set to re-release their first EP!  CrashDiet announced on their Facebook page the following:

Since it’s been around 10 years ago we recorded our first demo, we decided to re-release it (on our own) on limited edition digipack CD. Martin Sweet has revisited the old original Cubase projects recorded in his home with Dave, Peter & Eric in Hallonbergen, Stockholm back in 2003. With enhanced sound and 3 bonus tracks, not included on the original demo, we wish bring you back to a time where we were young and destroyed… 🙂

Check out this promo video for “Illegal Rarities vol. 1:

We couldn’t help but get our order in right away and with only a limited supply, I would suggest you act quickly!!! Here is the link on where to order. You don’t want to miss having this rare gem in your CrashDiet collection.

Check out some photos and videos from the last time we caught CrashDiet as they performed here in San Francisco. It was an awesome night and I can’t wait for their much needed return!

~ Marisol

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