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fable cry

Our Band of the Day is a quite eclectic and unique band, Fable Cry. They are described as theatrical scamp rock and when you take a listen, you will find it to be the fitting description. This is a band that brings to life colorful and imagery through their use of cello, violin in addition to an array of non traditional rock instruments. Their vaudevillian style is almost like a fusion of Foxy Shazam, Queen and Danny Elfman and their refreshing sound is quickly garnering a lot of great attention.

Fable Cry band members:

  • Zach Ferrin – vocals, guitar, accordion
  • Joshua Dent – cello
  • Jo Cleary – violin, vocals, toys
  • Scott Fernandez – bass
  • Rachel Gerlach – percussion

  • Genre:  Rock, Theatrical, Scamp Rock, Eclectic
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Feature: Fable Cry brings to life their mythical and poetic songs through theatrical scamp rock featuring non traditional rock instruments such as cello, accordion and violins. It is refreshing and catchy new sound.
  • Current release: Fable Cry 

Song to check out: Hobo Wicked Fix 

Video to check out:  Fancy Dancing on upcoming release, yet to be titled

The song Fancy Dancing is featured on their upcoming sophomore release. Make sure to check out their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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