Hello World, It’s time to listen to Miggs!

My son Ryan and I had the pleasure of seeing a great band last year when they opened up for Candlebox and since then I have been listening to their music and following their career.  Please allow me to introduce them to you. “Hello World, I would like you to meet one of the hardest working bands out there, MIGGS and they have the great sound to back it all up!”

Miggs has been around since 2001 and in that time were able to put out 5 great albums and they are not shy about touring. They are no stranger to booking upwards of 150 shows per year. When you watch them live, you can see how they truly enjoy what they are doing and their passion for their music shines through their songs. They have a great Rock/Pop sound but are so much more than just a title of a genre. With their incredible songwriting and their “feel good” music, they will have you dancing around in no time.

They currently have their new album, “15th & Hope” which is set to release on September 11, 2012. But if you are smart, you won’t wait and you will head on over to Itunes or Amazon to pre-order the album. This is one that you will be enjoying right from the start. They do have a video for their first single of the album, “Stars” and there are to versions I want to share with you. First, is their Lyric Video which was created entirely by their bassist, Michael Lombardo. It is a really fun video that I am sure you are going to enjoy. Second, is one where they provide a “virtual jam” session playing Stars. It is a great concept for the video and I really enjoy it.  So check them both out.


“Stars” is such an amazing song that lifts your soul. It is the perfect way to start your day. I listen to it every morning and it gives me the energy to start my day and tackle what is ahead providing me with the determination to achieve my goals. It is also just a fun song to dance around to! I hope you will like it as much as I do. I look forward to what “15th & Hope” will bring.

So, make sure and head on over to  Itunes  or Amazon  to get your pre-order in. Also check out their facebook and twitter pages to stay up to date on information and exclusive offers.  While you are at it, you could even pre-order a copy to gift to someone or get a jump start on your Holiday shopping this year by giving copies of 15th & Hope to your favorite music lovers.  I am actually planning on getting some for the people on my list but of course I will give it to them when I receive them since I know they will enjoy it right away!

Some of my favorite lyrics from “Stars”

I know there’s more to this than Me

Some things you must believe to see

Wake Up the World Is Waiting

Make up the path you’re taking”

Enjoy, Marisol

Miggs is:

Don Miggs – Vocals/Guitar
John Luzzi – Guitar/Vocals
Michael Lombardo – Bass/Vocals
Walker Adams – Drums/Vocals



  1. thx, Music Junkie Press. Nice words. I went from the Phoenix area to Anaheim just to see MIGGS! Love them! I first saw Don play in a club about 10 years ago because my grandaughter was a fan, she knew I’d love them too! It’s been a long summer waiting for the newest CD to be released.

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