Raygun Rebels and Johnny Firebird live at the Backstage Munich (social distancing live)

It’s been a really long time, since live shows were part of our lives. At the beginning of 2020 we had lots of amazing tours to look forward to. By then the COVID-19 virus had already begun to spread. It affected all of our lives in many ways. People got sick, lost their jobs, schools closed and the kids had to study at home, while many people started working from home.

The music industry was hit really hard by the virus. Tours were postponed or canceled and record releases were pushed back. Venues had to close because people weren’t allowed to go outside, let alone meet with others. Every country had its own strategy, depending on the number and increase of infections.

In many countries, it seems that the measures that were taken are slowly paying back. A few weeks ago, they allowed smaller shows to happen in Germany, seated and with an appropriate distance between the people. By now they increased the numbers in Munich to 200 people indoors and 400 outdoors. Most venues are still closed because it takes quite a space to fit 200 people in and keep the necessary distance. But some took their chances and found a way to bring back live music to the stages in the form of ‘social distancing shows’.

Amongst one of the first ones that happened was last Friday at my favorite venue in Munich – the Backstage. I was really curious about how this would work. Rock show and distances are things that don’t really come to mind when you think about having a good time.

The bands that played were two local bands – Raygun Rebels from Bad Aibling and Johnny Firebird from Regensburg. The Raygun Rebels have already played at the Backstage before with Sex Slaves and Rose Tattoo.

So, how does a social distancing show look like? At first, weird. All over the floor were long tables and benches for people to sit (just like in a beer garden). That way, they could make sure, that fans keep their distance. Only groups that came in together, could sit together. If you moved around the room, you had to wear a mask. At the table, you could take it off.

Before the show started, it felt awkward to see everyone sit around at tables in a venue that size, where usually people are squeezed together really tight. At first, people were reluctant to move. After a while though, they began to loosen up and clap to the music and later to get up and dance on their spots.

Both bands had no problem connecting with the crowd. They seemingly had fun performing too. If you focused on what was happening on stage, you wouldn’t have guessed that this wasn’t a regular Rock show.

Check out the pictures and see for yourself:

Johnny Firebird

Raygun Rebels


You could see on everyone’s faces that they were happy to be there. Many people are still undecided on whether it is wise to go to live shows or not. Surely everyone has to decide for themselves if they want it or not. I think it’s a good chance at least for local bands and also for the venues to slowly bring the music scene back to life.


The Backstage has an extensive list of shows coming up over the next few weeks. Check it out at www.backstage.eu and see for yourself. There are lots of different shows happening. Pick one, go there and have fun….and most of all, stay healthy!!

For more information on the bands, follow their social media:

Raygun Rebels




Johnny Firebird





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