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In late 2018 Avatar started a Kickstarter Campaign to finance the making of an extended documentary on their latest record ‘The Legend Of The King’.

At the time that we’re writing this, we have released music videos for ’A Statue of the King’, ’the King Wants You’ and ’the King Welcomes You to Avatar Country’. They have all gotten a great reception and with three music videos recorded and released, our record labels have fulfilled their commitment when it comes to promoting the album Avatar Country and we are very happy with our working relationship. But we want more and believe you do too. We are not a normal band. Avatar Country is not a normal album. We want to tell the full story and we want You to help us make this a reality. Together with You, we want to bring AVATAR COUNTRY to the screen! 

Avatar Country will be a featurette (longer that a short movie but shorter than the Godfather) based on the music of the album of the same name. It will tell the full story which has already partly been shown in the videos released this far.

They had set their goal at 50.000 $. In a matter of days, they had reached that goal. In fact, to the bands surprise, they were able to raise almost four times the sum.

In November and December 2018 the film was shot. In November 2019 it was presented to the citizens of Avatar Country, the band’s fan site, exclusively. By that time, it wasn’t sure, if it will ever be presented to a wider audience.

Today the band finally shared the whole film on Youtube. Check it out here:

This closes the chapter on ‘The Legend Of The King’. The band is already working on their new record. Hopefully, we are looking at a 2020 release.

~ Alex

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