VIDEO TO WATCH: Nashville metal band 3 Minutes to Live releases new video for Knock Me Down

Nashville metal band 3 Minutes To Live released their new album, Strike the Shepherd and they have just released a new video for their song, Knock Me Down. Vocalist Brian Terry comments on the new song,

“‘Knock Me Down’ is a fight song, as in the fight for your life! About a year and a half ago I was at the tail end of 5 years of deep depression having seen everything I had worked hard for and planned for fall apart. I was miserable and honestly was considering quitting on life completely. So one night I was surfing YouTube and came across a motivational video by Dwayne Johnson and it was a wakeup call.

I began to turn things around because I had found the will inside to fight once again. So as familiar with loss, tragedy, suffering and despair as I was, I wrote ‘Knock Me Down’ as a wakeup call to others to never quit no matter the odds against you or how many times life knocks you down. You get back up again!”

Check out the new video  here:

3 Minutes to Live:

  • Brian Terry – Vocals
  • Chris Metker – Guitars
  • Jordyn Penner – Guitars
  • Abraham Martinez – Bass
  • Joe Myers – Drums


More about the band:

Hailing from the heart of country music in Nashville, Tennessee, 3Minutes To Live delivers a solid punch in the face brand of metal.

Formed in 2004, 3 Minutes To Live quickly made a name for themselves in the very competitive local Nashville scene paying their dues though the years honing their craft slugging it out in clubs and bars delivering high energy live shows. Never satisfied with themselves, they focused on pushing past their limits to continually improve. Focusing on quality song writing, the band further solidified their following with two studio albums, winning several local awards, opening for national touring acts like Nonpoint and Surrender the Fall.

With the help of mainstream and internet radio airplay, 3 Minutes To Live gained fans in multiple U.S. states and several countries including; the U.K., Mexico, Canada, and Germany. Blending a mix of old school thrash, rock, Nu metal and Alternative styles 3 Minutes To Live blurs the lines separating genres featuring sledgehammer heavy guitars, a crushing rhythm section, and an aggressive, no holds-barred but versatile vocal approach that stands on its own. Still focusing on quality no nonsense song writing that speaks of the everyday struggle of the human condition, in May of 2018 after years of struggles 3 Minutes to Live found the perfect mix and self-released their third studio album “Strike The Shepherd” to rave reviews and began an all-out assault on the scene showcasing new songs and a punishing live shows the band has always been known for.

2019 sees 3 Minutes To Live taking their unique brand on the road across the U.S. and eventually the world.

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