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Adler’s Appetite has satisfied my appetite for ROCK!!!

July 4, 2011

So yes you all know I am hungry!! I have been hungry for some awesome replay of the 80’s ROCK!! Not just imitation rock or glam pate, I have been searching for my 80’s fix for quite a while now. Well I GOT IT and I GOT IT GOOD!! My son Ryan begged me months ago to buy tickets to see Adler’s Appetite as they were playing in San Francisco on July 1, 2011. It wasn’t hard to convince me since I have always loved Guns n Roses and have watched Steven Adler on Celebrity Rehab and read his book. For those of you that know me well, I had a major 2nd stroke four years ago that I took some time to recover from. But whatever the causes, I share a special bond with a fellow stroke survivor, I have been rooting for Steven for some time now! Well, I went to San Francisco the other night with my friend Laura Sixx, husband Stephen and son Ryan. We got there and found out it [Read More]