Adler’s Appetite has satisfied my appetite for ROCK!!!

So yes you all know I am hungry!! I have been hungry for some awesome replay of the 80’s ROCK!! Not just imitation rock or glam pate, I have been searching for my 80’s fix for quite a while now. Well I GOT IT and I GOT IT GOOD!!

My son Ryan begged me months ago to buy tickets to see Adler’s Appetite as they were playing in San Francisco on July 1, 2011. It wasn’t hard to convince me since I have always loved Guns n Roses and have watched Steven Adler on Celebrity Rehab and read his book. For those of you that know me well, I had a major 2nd stroke four years ago that I took some time to recover from. But whatever the causes, I share a special bond with a fellow stroke survivor, I have been rooting for Steven for some time now!

Well, I went to San Francisco the other night with my friend Laura Sixx, husband Stephen and son Ryan. We got there and found out it was 21+ so Laura and I went to the show and Stephen and Ryan decided to wait out the show to get Ryan’s drum head signed! He is a DIE HARD ROCKER!!

After some good opening bands by Untied, Nova and State Line Empire, we waited patiently in the hot red room of the Red Devil Lounge!! Then they came out, one by one entered the stage and the crowd went wild! We were right in front and were in awe as Lonny Johnson, then Chip Znuff of Enuff Znuff entered the stage, followed by Michael Thomas of Faster Pussycat, Steven Adler of Guns n Roses and then Patrick Stone of Ace’s n Eights. Laura and I knew we were in for a great show.

It was hard core ROCK from the start! Nighttrain was the first song and it was the perfect one to start to. The crowd went wild. For a second I thought I was back in Hollywood watching the original lineup with a new flare. Then I realized that the new flare is brought by Lonny, Chip, Michael and Patrick. Steven really picked the best when he brought these guys on board. Now this was a show.

Through the night, we were all in awe. With great hits like Mr. Brownstown, Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City and Welcome to the Jungle you knew you were at the best show in City! Then to hear Adler’s Appetite “Alive” that was the pinch to tell you this is a new era, new band and KILLER ROCK!! It was as if Patrick Stone owned the GnR songs, he didn’t try and imitate; he created his own version of the songs and it was a HIT every time. When Michael played, he left you begging for more. He was a sight that was impossible to turn away from. He kept you glued and wanting more and more. Lonny and Chip were right there for the rounding off of the incredible talent.

I would look back at Steven from time to time and realize this guy was having the time of his life. He played as if it was the last and only show he was playing. He gave it 100% on every beat. He was the show! He brought the show together and I would just stand there and smile back at his incredible ear to ear grin. It was awesome to watch someone being on a “natural High” of pure enjoyment. That is what Steven brought to the table. Whatever your dream, whatever your passion, live it like is the last day and you will continue to live it everyday!!

You guys ROCK and I can’t wait for a return visit, preferably ALL AGES show!! Even though Ryan stayed out with Stephen for 5 hours, they got the whole band to sign their drum head. The whole ride home, Ryan talked about how he couldn’t wait to see them LIVE. It was great to watch a 13 year old be hooked as I was 20+ years ago.

Adler’s Appetite you satisfied my appetite for awesomely ROCKIN’ 80’s ROCK!!!


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