New Music

Buster Shuffle share new track “Sucker Punch Blues”

May 2, 2021

Buster Shuffle, undeniably one of the most fascinating British Ska-Punk-bands presents “Sucker Punch Blues”, a brand-new song, which reflects the recent political situation of their country. Lyrically the trendy track deals with the effects of Brexit. The band complains about the fact that “we once were one and now we’ve all just been torn apart”. A tragic truth and a step into the wrong direction. Bandleader Jet Baker comments on the frustrating situation: “Buster Shuffle and all other UK touring musicians have been left for dead. In Sucker Punch Blues we sing/cry about no longer being able to tour and visit our neighbours/friends on the continent. UK musicians have been left high and dry by the UK government, with no touring options available due to costly visas and red tape. This has to change to save the UK music industry. Touring is VITAL to all bands, without it we are in serious peril. Please support UK touring musicians. Tell the UK Government know that it is not ok to leave us high and dry like [Read More]


Spiritbox share new song “Circle With Me”

May 1, 2021

Canadian Rock/Metal new hope Spiritbox released their new song “Circle With Me” yesterday via Rise Records. Views on the video are already over 280.000 and counting, more than 2800 comments in a little over one day. Safe to say the world is ready for the release of a full-length record! Singer Courtney LaPlante on the song and video: “”Circle With Me” was written in the studio last minute. It catches the spectrum of emotions that I felt lately in relation to my music. From the fear of ruining it to the confidence that protects me from self-doubt. Visually we wanted to present the viewer a picture that we miss the most: us on stage, with nothing we have to hide behind: instruments, a few lights and a nice tracking-shot.” “Circle With Me” follows last year’s killer singles “Constance” and “Holy Roller“. Both songs together have over 18 million streams so far, “Holy Roller” debuted #25 on the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs. Performances on reputable festivals like Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, Reading & [Read More]

New Music

Stand Atlantic release new single and video for “Deathwish”

May 1, 2021

Australian rock band Stand Atlantic have shared their newest single “deathwish” featuring rap artist nothing,nowhere. In the words of Stand Atlantic vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser, “deathwish” serves as a not-so-gentle reminder to “don’t be a little bitch to other people’s opinions, trust yourself instead, you’ll be better than ever”. On the new single, Fraser shares: “Frankly, I died. I was a servant to the opinions of people who didn’t give a fuck about me. My self-worth was so low that I would get high off a glimpse of their approval. I lost myself and I think the old me had a deathwish all along. But now I’m back and truly have zero fucks left to give”. For more information on Stand Atlantic, follow their social media:


Thousand Thoughts release new single “Control”

May 1, 2021

Thousand Thoughts are releasing their brand new single and video for “Control” via Marshall Records. “Control” follows up from the bands last track “Heads or Tails“. It’s a hard-hitting melodic track that sees the band battle demons that have been in the shadows for years. Gripping and cathartic, the single was created in the same session that saw them create “Heads or Tails” with producer Romesh Dodangoda. Hailing from North London, Thousand Thoughts continue to push their mix of nostalgic Nü-Metal with contemporary Metalcore. The fusion allows them to genre bend and push themselves to their absolute limits resulting in tracks like “Control”. Ethan Smith talked about the track saying that:  “Control was written at a time in my life where I really began to tackle my own inner demons; I was constantly dragging myself down without wanting or meaning to. At the point of it being written, I was living in a pub and had a lot of isolated moments after long shifts – heightening the negatives. When piecing this song together, I began [Read More]

Indie Rock

Wilder. release new song and video “Oh No”

May 1, 2021

Southern California indie-rock duo Wilder. have signed with Rude Records and unveiled their new single “Oh No”. With vibrant, high-energy instrumentals and vulnerable lyrics, “Oh No” represents a new beginning for Wilder. bandmates, Stephen Ramos and Nick Sturz, who have been making music together for over 10 years in other projects. You can stream/purchase the single HERE. “Sometimes a fresh start is really what you need”, shares the band. “‘Oh No’ really embodies the path to how Wilder. came to be. Like our other songs, it has colorful, bright instrumentals that mask very honest, vulnerable lyrics, like ‘I got what I want/still kinda feel lost.’ This is just a small insight to an internal struggle of starting something new, yet not really knowing the outcome of what this new endeavor will bring us. But man, we are stoked. Let’s get wild”. Wilder. is the brand new project of Long Beach, CA musicians Stephen Ramos and Nick Sturz. Over the past decade, the two musicians have cut their teeth on the road and in the studio, [Read More]