Come Rock with the Road Crew at The Oakland Battle of the Bands!



Hey Bay Area, make sure to come and support The Road Crew with true rock and roll as they compete in the the Oakland Battle of the Bands on September 15th at the Oakland Metro. ALL AGES EVENT!  The Road Crew is a local band from Santa Rosa with a larger than life sound that will leave you craving more!

The Road Crew delivers non stop adrenaline filled rock, high energy shows that will have you thinking you are back on the Sunset Strip in 1984.  So, if you  have a thirst for rock and roll and want to make sure it is here to stay, get yourself to the Oakland Battle of the Bands on September 15th and cheer them on! These guys are going straight to the top. We have watched this band grow over the last year, and they have truly refined their sound and have taken it to a whole new “balls to the wall rock ‘n roll” level.

The show is sponsored by Studio 132 and is being presented by Gorilla Music. This  is an ALL AGES and is being held at The Metro on 630 3rd Street in Oakland, show starts at 4 PM and only $10 advance or $12 day of show.


As long as bands like the Road Crew are around, I will always have my faith in rock restored, and know that ROCK WILL  NEVER DIE!  I have included a video of the Road Crew playing at one of their recent shows.

~ Crank it up, Marisol

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