RUSTED is our Tuesdays Travel Pick and they are keeping the 80’s rock spirit alive!


For today’s Tuesdays Travels, I didn’t travel far to bring you some over the top Hard Rock/Glam Rock. From Montreal, Canada, I want to introduce you to RUSTED! If you thought that only 80’s bands brought you heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums, power vocals and catchy choruses, the complete rock look, you are mistaken. RUSTED has everything you want in bad ass rock and roll band and their music will have you quickly hooked. It is almost as if they were sent from a time machine from a set at the Whisky on the Sunset Strip to here today. However, they got here, I am DAMN glad they are here! Check out this video for my favorite song of theirs, Young, Wild & Free:


So who is RUSTED? You have Tony Rust on Vocals, Tommy D. Eagle on Lead Guitar, Mark Shark on Bass, D. Izzy on Drums, and Maniac on Rhythm/Lead Guitar. We had the opportunity to interview singer Tony Rust and we are pleased to bring that interview to you here:

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Music Junkie Press: Thank you very much for talking with us here at Music Junkie Press! We first learned of your band from Justyn Vynn formerly of Snakeskyn Whiskey and we are glad we did! Your music ROCKS! We understand Justyn is filling in for your guitarist, how is everything going with that?

Tony Rust:  Justyn is really an awesome guitarist and we are really lucky to count on him to fill in while our guitarist Maniac is stuck outside the country…so we really need to thank him a lot for that! He’s a real brother for us!

Music Junkie Press: When did RUSTED begin and how did you all meet?

Tony Rust: The whole story begins in a small northern town of Quebec called Rouyn-Noranda (In Abitibi-Temiscamingue) when me and Dizzy first met during class in high school. At this point we weren’t really serious at all about playin’ music in a band we were just two kids having the same passions about hard rock/heavy metal music. But we first started playin’ in a band together and the things got bigger and serious. After a couple years and bands, we decided to move to Montreal to get us a better chance and other band members to fill in the spots. We first met Tommy D.Eagle and Maniac and then a year after we finally found Mark Shark and the perfect line up was there! And from that moment on, we’ve been really happy with the band and things are going very well!

Music Junkie Press:  I understand you recently released “Rock Patrol” in April and you truly deliver KICK ASS ROCK from start to finish, definitely no filler songs on this album! If you had to pick your favorite or song closest to you from this album which would it be and why?

Tony Rust: For me it’s really hard to choose but if i really need to, I will say Last Stand is surely one of my favorites. I really love that western 80’s cowboy kind of songs (reminds me Bon Jovi’s Blaze of glory or Wanted Dead or Alive) . Each time we play this song live, the crowd really seems to dig it!

Music Junkie Press: We love your video for Young, Wild and FREE, that song is one I have been playing first thing in the morning to get my day started! Tell us more about that song?

Tony Rust:  We recorded Young Wild N Free as a single one year ago. For us it was really a big thing cause it was our first time working with a real professional in studio. Pierre Bazinet(Worked with Celine Dion, Jean Leloup, Paradox) gave us so much to learn about the music industry and how it really is, I think the whole recording experience of YWF really helped us grow as musicians.

Music Junkie Press: Are you working on any videos now for Rock Patrol?

Tony Rust: Yes we are! We have so many ideas for many songs on the record but we finally chose Last Stand as the next video! We are shooting the video at the beginning of September and we hope to release it this fall!

Music Junkie Press: If Rusted could put together their dream lineup with three bands (living or dead) which would they be?

Tony Rust: Hum…thats a good question! It’s so hard to choose only 3 bands! For me it will be : Aersomtih, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses ! (And so many others haha)

Music Junkie Press: Can you remember what your first concert was?

Tony Rust: My first ever big arena rock concert was Guns N’ Roses in 2006 at the Quebec Colisé Pepsi(Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City)! It was amazing for me, a real rock n’ roll revelation. The opening act was Sebastian Bach of Skid Row and some all naked strippers! It was the first time for me being in such a huge place with such a huge crowd!

Music Junkie Press: With the ’80s making a comeback with Rock and my fave time, what song from the ’80s would you say is your Anthem or Theme song?

Tony Rust: Once again it’s really hard to choose only one…but one of the songs which will always remind me of the 80’S will always be Livin’ on a prayer from Bon Jovi. Such a strong song! With the sing along, pounding drums, epic solos, everything about this song is so 80’s ! I love it

Music Junkie Press: Do you have upcoming tour plans or plans to play here in the US?

Tony Rust:  Of course! For now we are working on getting our visa’s done and then we surely will tour the USA next summer!

Music Junkie Press: If I could peak in your Ipod, what artist or song might I be most surprised at finding in there?

Tony Rust: Lots of classic rock artist like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, U2 and some classical artists like Beethoven and Mozart! In fact I listen to lots of different kinds of music!

Music Junkie Press: Everyone enjoys a great cover song or remake, if you could take any song from any genre and turn it into the RUSTED style, what song might that be?

Tony Rust: We used to play lots of covers back in the day, but now we rarely play covers, almost never to be honest.  But one of the covers I always loved playing was Wild Child from Wasp! Such a killer song with a badass chorus!

Music Junkie Press: One of the songs from Rock Patrol that really stands out to me is Last Stand, can you tell me a little more about that song?

Tony Rust: This song is one of my favorite too! When I first started writing the lyrics for the song I was truly inspired by all the wild west movies like The Good The Bad and The Ugly. I really wanted the song to have this 80’s western cowboy ballad kind of vibe. When Maniac played me the first riff of the song I was like  “Ỳes! We got it! This is going to be our “Wanted Dead Or Alive“!

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Tony Rust: First of all I want to thank you Marisol for this interview! For everything about the band you guys can keep in touch on our Facebook page/Twitter/Instagram and our Youtube Chanel. The Last Stand video is on it’s way to be released this fall! So keep on rockin’ guys and see you soon on the road! Keep the 80’s rock spirit alive!

Here is one more video for you for their song, “Rock Patrol” which is off of the album of the same title that you can download here and keep the 80’s rock spirit alive!


Also head over to their social media sites and stay up to date.  We can’t wait for their new video for The Last Stand and if you are lucky enough to be in the Montreal area, GET YOURSELF TO A SHOW! We are excited for them to come play for us here in the US and hopefully we will be seeing them hitting the stage at the Whisky in no time.

~ Keep Rockin, Marisol

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